Israel’s 60th Birthday

Anniversary plans in the UK as Israel turns sixty by Dave

The UK ambassador for Israel has bold plans to celebrate Israel’s birthday using the opportunity to showcase Israel to the British public. The campaign seems to involve

  • Co-ordinating pro-Israel activists nationally
  • Encouraging public figures to visit Israel to generate positive PR
  • Pushing the media and politicians towards a pro-Israel position
  • Creating a media circus in Israel around a group of world leaders celebrating the birthday

Quoting the Jewish Chronicle,

Mr Prosor is to invite scores of activists for Israel to the embassy early in the New Year, with the aim of co-ordinating plans for Israel’s 60th anniversary.

The ambassador, an experienced diplomat who was director-general of Israel’s Foreign Ministry, clearly has high hopes that the anniversary will provide an opportunity for showcasing Israel in the wider community.

Hoping to build on the success of the visit of Britain’s foreign secretary, David Miliband, to Israel last month, the ambassador said he felt that “those in the Foreign Office and Downing Street are ready to continue to develop and enhance bilateral relations”.

It was realistic, he believed, to expect a member of the Royal Family to visit Israel during the anniversary year — and, in return, a “high-profile” visitor from Israel to the UK.

President Shimon Peres, meanwhile, has invited Prime Minister Gordon Brown to Jerusalem in May, where he is hosting a group of world leaders to celebrate Israel’s 60th birthday.

Source: Israel’s bold new UK strategy 14/12/2007 by Jenni Frazer


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