Israel’s 60th Birthday

Carlos Latuff: 60th Anniversary of the Nakba by Dave



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I am an artist (of sorts) and I m making a site called where artists can protest – comment – on current events that move them. It will, I hope, become the busy/lazy person’s alternative to attending demonstrations and its effectivenes will be due to its supporters. If it takes off and catches the imagination then we could swamp people with paper protests.
I am doing a performance tomorrow in the University of Porsmouth to launch the project and hope to have the site up soon.
I wrote this poem to the Duke of Edinburgh re. the proposed dinner at Windsor Castle to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the israeli State.

When wiping the crumbs from wolverine faces
spare a thought for those barren places
Where – because of the israeli State
There’s little food for the family plate
And certainly nothing to celebrate

Prince Philip it is incumbent on your lofty position
To consider carefully – look and listen
To all and every side AND side with none!
just as the Queen has invariably done

You have no business to indulge the JNF
Go on – take a big breath and tell them
To stick their very big donation
Right up their fundament-ation
Go on – say it –


signed it:Crumbs of Comfort

Comment by Pauline Scutt

Thank you, Brother for this site and your courage in defending the Palestinians.
Peace for Palestine!

Comment by assadleon

I thought Palestinians HAD a homeland; isn’t it called Jordan?? Or how about any OTHER Arab country that surrounds the area in abundance?

Comment by Eretz Yisrael

The Palestinians do have a homeland – its where their home is or was. Not where you want it to be.

Comment by Dave

[…] Carlos Latuff on 60th Anniversary of the Nakba Jump to Comments For the cartoon source, click here. A Sixty-Year Tragedy for […]

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