Israel’s 60th Birthday

Israel at 60: Birthday Threats – ethnic cleansing in 2008 as in 1948? by Dave

“whoever speaks for 60 years about the ‘catastrophe’ befalling them will suffer a real catastrophe in the end.” Avi Dichter

Israeli Public Security Minister Avi Dichter threatens Israeli Arabs who refuse to “celebrate” the creation of Israel with ethnic cleansing. His bold statement “whoever speaks for 60 years about the ‘catastrophe’ befalling them will suffer a real catastrophe in the end” is horrific in nature. He knows that Palestinians refer to the events of 1948 as the Nakba or catastrophe because it is when the local population was ethnically cleansed to create an independent Jewish State. Dichter is therefore warning Israeli Arabs boycotting the celebrations that if they continue they will experience the ‘catastrophe’ which they speak of – implying to them that they will be ethnically cleansed from Israel. He instructs that “they will celebrate Israel’s 70th and 80th anniversaries.” Its worth remembering that Dichter had to cancel a trip to the UK this December for fear of being arrested for war crimes.

Israel National News: Israeli Arabs Boycott 60th Anniversary of Jewish State 17/12/2007

BBC News: Israeli Avoids UK Arrest Threat


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