Israel’s 60th Birthday

No Reason for Zionists to Celebrate on Israel’s 60th Birthday by Dave

If Israel was a 60-year old man having a birthday party, he wouldn’t be surrounded by an adoring family and neighbours, looking back with pride to a lifetime of honourable achievement. He would be a Mafioso, rich from crime and honoured by a few faded celebrities and politicians, feared and despised by the great majority of those with any direct experience of him.

At 60, Israel’s popularity amongst the general public is at an all-time low across the world. A survey in November 2006 concluded that “Israel is the Worst Brand in the World”; Global Research reported findings across 35 countries “that Israel is suffering from the worst public image among all countries of the world.” This was no mere blip: all recent surveys of popular opinion show that opposition to Israeli apartheid and terrorism is majority opinion. Well over half of all Europeans think Israel poses the “biggest threat to world peace,” according to a poll commissioned in October
2003 across Europe by the European Commission.

In the US, the Israeli Government has recognised its pariah status among the thinkingIsrael's Porno PR and humane sections of that population, and has launched a campaign to boost Israel among what it considers to be a more amenable demographic – American soft porn buyers. Leading Zionists have suggested a wave of European anti-Semitism is responsible, but the reasons for the widespread perception of Israel as a threat to peace, supported even by a poll commissioned by the pro-Israel Daily Telegraph, are not hard to find: mass killings, air attacks on the imprisoned population of Gaza, invasion of neighbours, and an atrocious apartheid system which denies fundamental economic, social and political rights to all non-Jews.

Britain’s largest trade unions, including UNISON, have greeted Israel’s diamond jubilee by overwhelmingly passing motions for a comprehensive boycott and sanctions against the Pariah State as long as it carries out its systematic planned human rights violations. The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) also declared for boycott of Israel. Not only trade unions from the UK, South Africa, Canada, Brazil, Norway and elsewhere: the New England Conference of the United Methodist Church is urging divestment from American corporations that support the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.

Within the space of one week, two separate British juries jumped the 2008 gun by two years by endorsing the long quest for justice by the families of UK citizens, Tom Hurndall and James Miller, by finding that both were murdered by the Israeli Army.

The Israeli devastation of South Lebanon in 2006, could not prevent the apartheid State facing a shattering defeat at the hands of a determined, resourceful and technically brilliant Hezbollah resistance.

There was widespread popular revulsion at Israel’s barbarities in Lebanon. Israel overwhelmingly killed Lebanese civilians (and Gazans on the sidelines) while its Arab opponent, Hezbollah, overwhelmingly killed Israeli uniformed soldiers. Israel’s never-ending ethnic cleansing and apartheid also led many to finally adopt the option for boycott of Israel. Despite Mafioso-Israel’s entrenched political support at the top of each major UK party, popular opinion has irretrievable and overwhelmingly turned against the Jewish State. Accusations of anti-Semitism are wearing thin: decent
people don’t hate Jews, just thieves and murderers.

Israeli cricket team were made very unwelcome in Glasgow last year when they tried to play there: protests forced them to play their final games behind barbed wire in Lossiemouth Ministry of Defence establishment up in the Highlands. A similar threat of mass protests forced the return last year of the tainted money donated by the Israeli Embassy in London to the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Another ominous sign of Israel’s plummeting popularity was Mordechai Vanunu’s election by the students at Glasgow University for his courage and steadfastness in opposing Israel’s WMDs, wars by crimes against the people of Palestine. A majority of members of the Scottish Parliament have supported a motion demanding his freedom from Israeli detention and a majority of Ministers of the Scottish Government signed another Motion, while in opposition it must be conceded, expressing ‘Scotland’s disgust at Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians’. (Of course Mordechai Vanunu is only one high-profile political prisoner in Israel – there are 11,700 others held in atrocious conditions and routinely tortured in what Gordon Brown calls ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’.)

There is an increasing general awareness of Israel’s denial of basic human rights to Palestinians which means that campaigners can now expect increasing support for their ongoing project to remove the JNF’s charitable status here in the UK with a realistic expectation of success. The JNF’s support for apartheid is so naked that their recent application for affiliation to a key UN committee was rejected (with Britain voting for the JNF, of course). If those who are currently angry at Israeli crimes raise
their voices on this issue, the Charities Commission in Scotland (OSCR) will be forced to cancel the charitable status of this racist, openly political, campaign. The Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign is confident of victory on this human rights issue.

There is no doubting Palestinian determination to resist Israel’s plans to drive them out of Palestine, and to confine them in prisons until the opportune moment to finish the job begun in 1948. The Palestinians may be denied any significant state-level support in their struggle for survival, but Israel’s position is far worse – in the dock of the court of world opinion in front of a jury well aware of its crimes and record of perjury.


Mick Napier
Chair, Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign


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