Israel’s 60th Birthday

Carlos Latuff: Why do they attack us? by Dave

Latuff, why do they attack us?


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Now just a minute thar, Pard! What Israel is doing to Palestine is much worse than what us ‘Merkins did to native Americans. Colonialism was way vogue back then and besides we didn’t know about genocide. Colonialism is still the rage, but we know better.

Hope that clears things up for you, Mr. Latuff.

Uhm, er, uhm, er, uhm, er. Have you heard the latest news about Britney? That’s all the matters anyway.

Comment by Servant

Without getting into an Argument about how badly the American Indians were treated (which is arguably worse, because colonialism was vogue) I think the image has a different meaning.

In the early 20th century the media was filled with evil images of the mindlessly aggressive native Americans trying to kill the honest decent white man. These are the kind of racist stereotype images we are still seeing about Palestinians. The point therefore is to highlight the similarities between the two groups in order that people might update their opinions and have as much sympathy and understanding for Palestinian natives as they do for native Americans. That they are not mindless violent aggressor but in fact are an oppressed vicimised native population.

If you can find Ward Churchill’s audio lecture “life in occupied America” its very good 😉 As is his talk on the “scalp bounty.”

And on a more positive note, have you seen this? 😀

Comment by Dave

Sorry for the bad joke Dave. The obtuse American is a schtick I’ve developed from years of being embarrassed in international forums over the Internets(tm). It’s a defense mechanism.
A lot of people think all Americans are as thick as George Bush and Homer Simpson. Most of the time they’re right too, but don’t want there to be any any doubt about it. I’ve decided not to fight it and just go with the flow.

Great blog. You’re on the blog roll at Ressentiment. Thanks for Stumbling!

Comment by Servant

Oops, sorry I didn’t get the joke! 😀 My excuse is that its very late here… lol

I’ve added you to the blogroll here too 😉

Comment by Dave

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