Israel’s 60th Birthday

Carmel Trio marks Israel’s 60th with Shaar concert by Dave
Eyal Ein-Hadar Stephan Sylvestre Dudu Carmel width=

In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the State of Israel, the Carmel Trio are to play a free concert in Israel. Missing from the advertisement is that while they are celebrating others are grieving the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

The Westmount Examiner: Carmel Trio marks Israel’s 60th with Shaar concert


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Why do Israeli musicians have to grieve for the loss of land which happend in a war sixty years ago? It was a war declared on jews which ment to act the ethinic cleansing aginst them ,(By Palestinians and Arab countries).
Israel was born because of the ethnic cleansing which was commited by the Germans. Using this term in a context of the Palestinian /Israeli conflict, would convay a destorted way to manipulate people around the world. In fact the Israelies and Palestinians live in a war zone for so many years, and they fight over the same land.As Israeli citizen I resent the fact that my goverment had been building setelments in the occupeid territories for more than three decads.
Talking about ethinc cleansing- Haven’t the Hamas murdered and tortured their own brothers from the Fatach in Gaza?
I think that it’s time for Palestinians to grieve on thier stupid choice to vote for the Hamas. The reality has shown us that the Hamas who is sponsered by Iran, let their own people suffer from hunger, while their leaders are finiancely secured, and the childeren are fed with guns and hatred.
While somebody has made this anti-semite comment about my people, Israeli and Palestinians musicians are happily crating music together, respecting each other and don’t tell lies to each other.

Comment by Hadas c.

Shame on you, who gave the falsified and vicious writing under the pictures of the Carmel Trio .

Comment by prof Menachem Zur

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