Israel’s 60th Birthday

Israel@60: Born to be Wild by Dave

Riding for independence, riding over graves

“Israel’s 60th anniversary celebrations to include cross-country Harley-Davidson ride from Metula to Eilat. Ride initiated by Israeli motorbike federation, said to include 700 US, Canadian and Australian bikers”

It would seem that “Hell Angels” are travelling the world to join what the US evangelicals might consider to be the riders of the appocalypse.

Apparently this tour is one of the “planned attractions” for the sixtieth anniversary. Reminds me of the other planned attractions such as Israels nature parks, described by Ilan Pappe, as built over destroyed Palestinian villages to hide the evidence. New trees hide bulldozed villages, old olive groves and fruit trees, once gardens, become “special features.”

This is just some of the evidence of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. It would seem that one mans “planned attraction” is another mans grave.

“We think Harley-Davidsons go very well with the scenery.” Why, do they look something like this?

Camo bike

Riding for Independence


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this site is now linked to. keep it up 🙂

Comment by M Bashir

Thanks Bashir! Linked you too! 😉

Comment by Dave

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