Israel’s 60th Birthday

Indoctrinating Kids Will Be Theme Of Israel-At-60 Bash by Dave

Ambitious plans include bringing 60,000 teens – and a Tel Aviv-Jerusalem bike trail – to Jewish state in 2008.

Staff Report

The future – namely, children – will be the primary theme as Israel prepares to celebrate its past with a year of events and projects to mark its 60th anniversary of statehood in 2008.

“At a time when there are those who want to wipe us out, it’s important for us to transmit the message that we Jews represent one entity, one front,” explained Ruhama Avraham, minister without portfolio in the government of. Israel charged with coordinating the year-long program.

[Israel is the regional super power and is in no danger of being wiped out this is a ridiculous claim]

During a visit to New York last week, Avraham, 43 and most recently deputy minister of the interior, said her goals include bringing 60,000 young people, mostly teenagers, to Israel next year to learn about their heritage; involving every element of Israeli society, from haredim to Israeli Arabs, in the special events; dedicating 60 new playgrounds throughout Israel and expanding and deepening participation in the annual Salute to Israel Parade in New York.

[Just like MacDonalds, Israel understands that even very young children can show “brand loyalty.” This kind of move could be coming too late as polls show that in the states a whole new upcoming generation in the Jewish community do not identify with Israel. Finkelstein describes this in his recent lecture as “the end of American Zionism]

The parade is scheduled for June 1, and though the committee that plans and coordinates the event is without an executive director, local officials say it will proceed as in past years, with Avraham pledging to bring Israeli scouts, firefighters and others to participate.

She noted with a wry smile that she was appointed only four months ago for this task, replacing another cabinet minister who was reassigned, and given a budget of about $35 million.

“One of the challenges is the timetable,” she acknowledged, but said she planned to fulfill all the goals within budget. And she noted that she had not come to the U.S. to ask for funding from American Jewish organizations.

I’m here to invite the Jewish world” and seek cooperation, particularly in having as many American Jews as possible visit Israel during 2008.

[I love it when politicians say things like this “I’m not interested in money, I’m looking for cooperation….” of course you are, cooperation and money!]

Avraham met with the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, and leaders of UJA-Federation of New York and the local Jewish Community Relations Council, among other groups, before heading off to Los Angeles for additional U.S. meetings.

She said she has met with some leaders of the non-Zionist haredi community in Israel, seeking to have them include educational material for children in their schools. And she is working on developing curriculum with Israeli Arab educators as well, she said.

There will also be programs during the year saluting Druze and Bedouins who serve in the Israeli army.

The first major program scheduled for the anniversary year is the groundbreaking in January, in conjunction with Tu B’Shvat, for six new “green” (environmentally friendly) schools in outlying areas.

Among the other ambitious projects scheduled: a march of 30,000 young people from “Burma Road” along the way to Jerusalem to the Western Wall, following in the footsteps of the soldiers and volunteers during the 1948 War of Independence; a traveling showcase of Israeli cultural performances and entertainers; a multidimensional sky display of David Ben-Gurion’s independence speech, beamed from 10 different locations; a conference of 1,000 pediatricians from around the world focused on juvenile medicine and the creation of a 60-kilometer bike trail linking Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

[30,000 children retracing the steps of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine – in celebration! Now theres some indoctrinating! I wonder if they’ll be able to hide all the destroyed villages successfully?]

“This has been a tough year,” Avraham said, “and we hope the 60th anniversary year will be a turning point” in relations between American and Israeli Jews, she said, strengthening ties between them.

[Celebrating the 60th anniversary of 1948 when all serious scholars have reached aconsensus that what took place was ethnic cleansing is only going to widen the gap in relations and quicken the end of American Zionism]

The New York Jewish Week; Manhattan edition
December 14, 2007 Friday
Manhattan edition


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