Israel’s 60th Birthday

Royal Nazis’s to Help Celebrate Israel’s 60th Anniversary by Dave

The Royal Family will apparently be helping to celebrate the 60th year since 1948 when the Palestinians were ethnically cleansed to make the Jewish State. Is it surprising that the Royals would be so keen to celebrate such wanton imperialism, militarism, murder and colonialism? Its about as surprising as Harry wearing the Nazi uniform. They are figureheads whose very position represents this kind of violence. Many hold military positions and Harry “Hammer of Arabs” was quite keen to get over to Iraq saying “there’s no way I’m going to put myself through Sandhurst and then sit on my arse back home while my boys are out fighting for their country.”

Perhaps I’m being a little unfair as Prince Charles did refuse to visit Israel AP saying “Prince Charles’ office rejected an invitation for his top aides to visit Israel because of concerns the trip would be used to bolster the country’s international image.”

Windsor Castle dinner for Israel’s 60th
By Jenni Frazer, News Editor
Jewish Chronical: THE ROYAL family is granting two of the community’s biggest charities the use of Windsor Castle for a special anniversary dinner to mark Israel’s 60th anniversary in April, the JC can reveal.

Excited officials from UJIA and the JNF said they were in the early stages of planning the April 7 event, which will be held in the presence of the Duke of Edinburgh. The guest of honour is to be Israeli President Shimon Peres, who will be in Britain before hosting a major international 60th-anniversary conference in Jerusalem in May. Invitations for the Jerusalem conference have gone out to President George Bush and heads of state.

A JNF spokesperson said the anticipated 300 dinner guests would be raising funds for both organisations, the first time they have worked together on such a scale. “We are so grateful to the Royal Family for giving us the opportunity to celebrate Israel’s anniversary, and for allowing us to stage this wonderful event in Windsor Castle.”

UJIA chief executive Doug Krikler believed it was the first major Jewish — “and kosher” — event to be held at Windsor Castle.

The dinner will be part of a series of celebrations in Britain to mark the Jewish state’s 60th anniversary. Among communal functions already lined up are a dinner in central London this month, held by the Zionist Federation, with guest speaker Ronald Lauder, the new World Jewish Congress president.

There will be a show in May featuring comedian Jackie Mason and Israeli singer Sarit Hadad at Wembley Stadium, and, at the end of June, London’s first ever street parade for Israel.


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It is quite disgusting to think that the so-called representatives of the British people are supporting a ‘country’ that is occupying and oppressing another people. This reinforces only too clearly the betrayal of the Palestinians by this country. It is our shame and we must be out there telling this to the Royals.
We have always known they are out of touch with reality, and with their own shady past. They are certainly out of touch with the true meaning of justice, compassion and the Christian faith they claim to uphold.

Comment by Patricia A. Bryden

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This site must be run by a Nazi. Should read `as the countries of Europe and GB (the Channel Islands) were ethnically cleansed (by torture and use of Jews as medical experiments….ad infinitum)`

Conversely, the Palestinians were not, are not, being ethnically cleansed and have as much right to Jordan and Syria as Israel (which as Palestine was always Jewish land). Fact is they`re not tolerated in Jordan and Syria and contrary to what you say are being absorbed into Israeli society despite the situation with Hamas. Decent of the Israelis.

Comment by Sandra Shevey

I assure you I’m quite the opposite of a Nazi and take their crimes very seriously. After all it was not just Jewish people that were killed -lefties such as myself were the first to the concentration camps.

Just because Jewish people suffered horribly doesn’t justify what they’ve done to the Palestinians. And you have no right to throw someone out of his home and then deny him the right of return saying he should go live in Jordan etc. I’m sure the Jews ethnically cleansed from Europe still have the right to return.

Try looking at the new historians – Israelis who using Government documents uncover the ethnic cleansing.

Comment by Dave

look as much as i sympathise with the palistinians, the do bring it on themselves, remember the holocauslt !!!, they dont want another and this is what the Ps and their neighbours call for, bloody PC bedwetters, go read the facts, if it gets any worse palestine will be classes as a terrorist state, go buy food and medicines with your aid money NOT guns and bombs, DUH !, you lot disgust me

Comment by Atheist

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