Israel’s 60th Birthday

Petition: Cut Independence Day celebration spending by Dave

Shame theres no petition, that I’ve heard of, calling instead for a commemoration of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine that took place in 1948 when Israel was founded. Before there can be peace there must first be an understanding of history. To celebrate while other mourn will only widen divides.

JP: An on-line petition calling to cut the budget for Israel’s 60th Independence Day has garnered some 11,000 signatures in 20 days. The petition asks Minister-without-Portfolio Ruhama Avraham, in charge of planning the celebrations on May 7 and 8, not to spend all the budgeted funds on “useless events.””Yes, we deserve to celebrate 60 years after, but why with such ostentatiousness? Is it an attempt to hide the poverty and all the people who could use this money?” asks the document.”We call on the organizers of the events and the special celebrations to channel the money to more important, just and moral causes… Spreading the money between social, welfare, health and cultural projects that will be screened by a public committee would be a better way to celebrate Israel’s 60th anniversary,” the petition continues.

Israel’s failures in recent years – political and social – were not easy to acknowledge, according to the petition. “Lets try and change this sad picture, starting with this small but principled struggle.”

The document was published on the Atzuma Web site, which allows surfers to post petitions on the Internet.

The initiators promise to bring the petition to Avraham and Prime Minister Ehud by the end of this month.

The headquarters of the 60th anniversary celebrations declined to comment.


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Dave, You mean like the ethnic cleansing that happened in Germany that many Muslims now deny?

Yes, you do need to understand history! How about the ethnic cleansing that established America! The Victors always celebrate and the losers mourn! That is the way of things my friend! Always has been and always will be…

A sad fact of Human nature… I don’t blame Israel for celebrating; they have survived under impossible circumstances. But I have to say, I don’t see them attacking first? They do retaliate on a large scale though, don’t they!
Maybe if Palestinians would stop blowing up women and children they would not be attacked in return??? How would they know since they will not try peace?

Comment by Mike

So Israelis can deny the ethnic cleansing of Palestine because some Muslims deny the Holocaust? Thats a strange vulgar logic.

America has peace with the indians now (its certainly not like Israel Palestine). And I agree its exactly the same thing – except with Israel the colonisation is on going and many people refuse to see the similarities with the States.

If they want peace they should reach an understanding. If they understood the Palestinian side they’d recognise the sensitivity of 1948 and not celebrate. Instead however the Israeli Government offers birthday threats.

Israel has ethnically cleansed Palestinians and has illegally militarily occupied remaining territories against global consensus since 1967.

Attack firsts? They have a perminent military presence in anothers land while stealing resources and building illegal settlements. The army forcably allowing the theft.

Also Palestinians are not the only ones who have killed woman and children. Israel has killed many more.

It is Israel that currently refuses to negotiate peace with Hamas. Because Israel’s goal is not peace but the destruction of Hamas.

Comment by Dave

link in reference to my last point

Comment by Dave

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