Israel’s 60th Birthday

Beatles invitation to Israel’s 60th just a PR stunt by Dave

Jerry Goldman the man who accepted Israel’s 60th birthday invitation letter on behalf of the surviving two Beatles has changed his tune since providing Israel with some good PR courtesy of the BBC.

When 40 Human rights organisations petition the Beatles not to go to Israel (probably as much in the hope of creating a counter story to nullify the pro Israel PR) he says

It’s the biggest load of nonsense I have ever heard. they [the Beatles] are not going to get together just because it is Israel’s 60th….let’s get real.

Thus showing that the petition is a waste of time – yet when Israel invited them

“”I’ve got close ties to Israel, so I’m thrilled. It would be fantastic if they did visit.”

But he added: “I know how difficult it was to get them to Liverpool. So I think there’s only a slim chance of them going to Israel.”

If anyone should “get real” its Mr P.R. Goldman – either that or he should “get lost.”


  1. Excellent article from Under the Holly Tree
  2. Anti-Israel charities petition Beatles Source

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