Israel’s 60th Birthday

Ron Prosor, Israel’s 60th, the Queen and the Blitz by Dave

The poor Queen had the recent misfortune to meet Ron Prosor Israel’s Hasbara propaganda officer / ambassador. Apparently he has invited her to come to Israel to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the ethnic cleaning of Palestine. It seems he didn’t get a direct answer saying the balls in her court. How does one politely tell Ron that no one is interested in coming to his party?  Has anyone he’s asked said yes? Most are never likely to say yes anyway – he’s asking them to generate news that associates Israel with legitimising top brands. He must know, for example, that Prince Charles has already refused to visit Israel “because of concerns the trip would be used to bolster the country’s international image.”

JP: Israel’s new ambassador to London, Ron Prosor, presented his credentials to Queen Elizabeth II at a ceremony at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday.

Prosor, who is the 14th Israeli ambassador to the UK, told the queen: “It is an honor for me to present my credentials to the queen in the year that Israel celebrates its 60th year of independence.”

Totally Jewish: They discussed the importance of relations between Israel and Britain and spoke about Holocaust survivors and similarities between rockets falling on Sderot and the Queen’s experiences in London during the Second World War.

I hardly think a few amatuer rockets can be compared to the Nazi Blitz of London. I imagine the Queen spat out her tea in surprise when he mentioned it! The Blitz had more in common with Israel’s bombing of Lebanon in 2006. See here, here, here and here


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Israel celebrates its 60th year of independence!!! Can some one please explain to me from who or where Israel got Independence? For all I know some gangsters came to Palestine 60 years ago, helped by England, then turned nasty and started with killing who helped them to the land of the Palestinians, after that they started their slaughterinr rituals of the Palestinians.
Who was occupying Israel? there were some Jewish people from all over the world who came to claim Palestine their own even though some of them had no links with Moses at any stage, he bacame a Russian Jew lately…how can those celebrate independence when they never existed even before?

Comment by Tim

Your website is one sided Palestinian Propaganda.

Why is it that the Arab Leauge and all the Arab countries have used the the Palestinian Refugees as pawns for the 60 years so that they can bully Israel?

If you really cared about Human rights The Arab world would have absorbed the refugees, giving the similarities in Religion, Language and Culture.

If many countries such as European countries and North and South American countries can absorb millions of refugees from different backgrounds, why can’t Arab countries absorb refugees from similar backgrounds?

Comment by Anomonous

Actualy most of my sources in my main section are either Israeli or Jewish scholars.

As for my posts I counter propaganda I see in the press – including it on my site but with my thoughs. You’ll notice I have the Israel Ambassadors quotes in the post. Hardly a pro-Palestinian. It just a shame his comments are such idiocy I feel the need to rip them appart.

I agree I think Palestinians should be give residancy in the countries the inhabit if they wish. After all for many it’s now home and they may never want to return to Paletine. I also think they should be given their legal right to return to Palestine should they desire it.

Why should a Jew anywhere in the world have the right to residency but a native, with a legal right under international law be denied? Smacks of racism to me.

Do you care about human rights? Like the right of return enshirined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

Comment by Dave

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