Israel’s 60th Birthday

Israel’s 60th Birthday Parade in London and Manchester by Dave

“At the end of June, London’s first ever street parade for Israel.” JC

First London parade celebrating ethnic cleansing, illegal occupation, war crimes and racism! Will peace activists mobilise, protest and make it the last?

* The following is amended new information from comments

There are two parades mentioned on the Israel at 60 UK site.

One in Manchester and one undisclosed – presumably the London one. Perhaps they’re yet to recieve permission? Both are for 29th June.

  • Manchester Salute to Israel Parade
  • Salute to Israel Parade

For more on this see here


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It is also the anniversary of the British leaving and creating the mess in the first place. We should petition and complain to Ken.

Comment by malcolm chapman

Yes I agree! 😀

Comment by Dave

on second thoughts it might also be an opportunity for peaceful demonstration, an alternative to being ignored at Trafalgar Square.
We would of course need police protection.
Why are we celebrating the anniversary of a Rogue State.

Comment by malcolm chapman

I had not heard about this!!!! Do you have any further information?

Comment by loolt

This is all I know so far. Will keep you posted ;

Comment by Dave

there are two parades mentioned here

One in Manchester and one undisclosed – presumably the London one. Perhaps they’re yet to recieve permission. Both are for 29th June

O Manchester Salute to Israel Parade
O Salute to Israel Parade

Comment by Dave

Maybe a line of silent people with placards reading “Shame on your racist, apartheid, ethnic cleansing anniversary!” or variations on the theme. Avoid shouting or jostling if possible.

Comment by John Cribb

Dave actually if you click on the poster, you will see that they explicitly mention a ‘central london location’.

Comment by loolt

This anniversary points up the 60 long years of suffering endured by the Palestinians – a useful opportunity to focus on their history of injustice and repression. We must be out there in numbers to counter this shameful display of national aggrandisement on the part of Israel, a pariah state.

Comment by Teresa Webb

[…] The march on the 29th June 2008 now has its own website here.  For a previous bit on this see here. […]

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Remember, it is not the people for which you should be protesting against. The people who will be on this parade will not be bad people. They will mostly comprise of typical British jews. If you have to protest, protest at the Israeli embassy, not cause trouble or ruin a parade which, on the whole, is good. You generally only see one side of the story on the news, for which there is no point in giving you the antithesis as you appear to have made up your mind. But my point is, the government RIGHT NOW, if anyone, is to blame. Not the people, not their history, not their fate. If it was the opposite way around and the Israelis were up against soldiers, you would be on their side. Thus it is not the people. However there is also that terror element from suicide bombers which there is no excuse for.

So don’t just come on here and spout hatred, please. It doesn’t do anyone any good.



Comment by Sanjeev H

Supporters of that Government and it colonial project should also be protested against so that they understand what they are supporting is wrong.

If Israel is going to claim credit as a democracy it also has to accept then that its civilians are responsible for the actions of that democratically elected Government.

Comment by Dave

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