Israel’s 60th Birthday

Windsor Castle to celebrate Israel’s 60th anniversary by Dave

Windsor Castle and the Royal Family excellently exposed for celebrating Israel’s 60th anniversary by wake from your slumber.

To think that they claim being “peace mediators”… I wonder if Tony Blair, the “Middle East envoy” will also be celebrating the elimination of Palestine in Windsor Castle??

Common friends… be good sports and let us all celebrate the rape of International Law, of UN resolutions, of the International Court of Justice, of the Geneva Convention and of the Charter of Human Rights! Let us all celebrate illegal occupation, ethnic cleansing, illegal possession and development of nuclear weapons, illegal possession and development of chemical and biological weapons, assassination of political leaders without accountability, practice of apartheid and racism, the jailing of 11 thousand people without due process of law, the jailing of children and the daily murder and torture of innocent civilians.

Let us celebrate the dropping of 4.6 million cluster bombs/bomblets over Lebanon during the 2006 war or the deliberate targeting of Lebanon’s infrastructure and even UN buildings. Let us celebrate the Israeli siege on Gaza and the deliberate deprivation of 1.5 million innocent civilians of medical treatment and food or the spraying of Palestinians and their crops with poisonous gas in order to ethnically cleanse them.

There is an endless list of reasons for which Windsor Castle shall be celebrating Israel’s 60’s birthday with important guests from around the world. Israel will also be celebrating in none other than illegally occupied East Jerusalem… and Israel’s guest of honor will be George W. Bush representing America’s spitting on laws or resolutions that are supposed to be governing this world.

As for the Arab governments… what can be said for them other than to send them our condolences. Israel’s 60 year celebration on illegally occupied territory (post 67, Golan-Syria, South Lebanon) is the crowning of Arab failure… an unnecessary failure which the Arab people are very aware of and not about to forget or forgive… a failure which could have been avoided with a little bit of effort and dedication. The only thing left for Arab governments to do in order to please their masters in the US, is to join Israel in its celebrations! After all, they are to be thanked for half of the land Israel will be celebrating illegal “ownership” of.



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