Israel’s 60th Birthday

IDF Attack Peaceful Protesters in Bil’in by Dave

Al Jazeera Footage | Older video (2007)

Palestinians weekly protest over illegally built apartheid wall.
Haaretz: More than 20 activists were wounded Friday as Israel Defense Forces troops fired rubber bullets and tear gas grenades at protesters marking three years of struggle against the West Bank separation fence in Bil’in.

An American activist was among the wounded.

The IDF Spokesman’s Office said one soldier was hurt when a rock was hurled at him, but that the IDF has no knowledge of wounded activists. More than 1,000 people attended the demonstration Friday; several dozen activists gather in Bil’in every Friday to protest the separation barrier.

Jonathan Pollack, one of the organizers of the demonstration, said Friday’s protest came six months after the High Court of Justice ruled on changes in the route of the barrier fence, but yet the state has done nothing to implement the court’s ruling.

Pollack added that when the protesters arrived at the site of the fence, the IDF stationed in the area began shooting rubber bullets and using tear gas against the demonstrators.

An American activist suffered head wounds and was taken to the West Bank city of Ramallah for medical attention.

The IDF issued a statement estimating the participation in the rally at 1,000 people, and saying that the demonstrators hurled rocks at IDF troops at the scene, and therefore the soldiers used approved methods to disperse the crowd.

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