Israel’s 60th Birthday

Israel’s 60th Anniversary: Cause for Celebration or Cause of Conflict? by Dave

Interesting quote from Israeli FM Livni she states that “upon its establishment [Paelstinian State] the word ‘Nakba’ be deleted from the Arabic lexicon in referring to Israel.” Hard to see why the Nakba should be forgotten? Should Jews forget the Holocaust just because Germany paid them reperations? Why should the Palestinians forget the past just because Israel might end its illegal and unjust occupation of Gaza and the West Bank? He says it like Israel would be bestowing a gift on the Palestinians by letting them establish a state rather than Israel finally accepting international law and consensus by resolving one of their crimes.

PASADENA, CA — (MARKET WIRE) — 02/19/08 — The following press release is being issued by Vision Media Productions.

This year will mark the 60th anniversary of Israel’s statehood. On May 14th, Israelis around the world will celebrate, while Palestinians will mark the following day as The Nakba — a day of mourning. The Nakba, or the catastrophe is remembered by many as a time of ethnic cleansing when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were dispossessed of their homes and villages.

“These two events have long been etched side-by-side in the memories of Palestinians and Israelis,” says David Hulme, author of “Identity, Ideology and the Future of Jerusalem.” “Both have served to add annual fuel to this enduring conflict that seems destined to elude resolution.”

Of course, neither statehood nor Nakba happened in a single day. Long before Israel declared independence on May 14th, 1948, key events pushed the two peoples inexorably toward conflict. But their fates were officially sealed by a United Nations Resolution. On November 29th, 1947 they passed Resolution 181, in support of Israel’s statehood alongside an independent Arab state.

On the 60th anniversary of the UN Resolution, Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, who has angered many Arabs by what some see as an extremist stance against Palestinian Arabs, had this to say in reference to the coming May 14th celebration:

“I believe that the solution of two nation states serves the interests of both sides. Not every celebration of ours is cause for sorrow on the other side, and vice versa. I say to my Palestinian colleagues: Do not bemoan the establishment of the State of Israel; establish your own state, rejoice in its establishment and we will rejoice with you, since for us the establishment of the Palestinian state is not our Nakba, or disaster — provided that upon its establishment the word ‘Nakba’ be deleted from the Arabic lexicon in referring to Israel.”

Is this a realistic scenario? It seems an unlikely one, at least so far as the near future is concerned. Neither side seems ready or able to relinquish long memories of suffered wrongs, especially those memorialized by the upcoming anniversary.

Hulme notes, “Immediately following the passage of the UN resolution, Palestinians attacked the Jewish community. The Jewish forces retaliated, and by mid-January 60 years ago, Palestinians in sections of West Jerusalem were fleeing.”

The stage was now set for a series of critical events leading up to independence and catastrophe.

This is the historical timeline that Middle East expert Dr. David Hulme is chronicling between now and May 15th in a special series for Causes of Conflict. In this Blog, Hulme, who is also president of Vision Media Productions, will cover the history and implications of the actions on both sides of the conflict, offering insightful analysis and exploring the question of whether Israel — and Jerusalem in particular — will ever find the pathway to peace.


Livni’s remarks


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I noticed inaccuracies in this the history described in this piece but didn’t have time to comment and correct them. A friend brought some up so I thought I would add his comments here.

But this self promotion press release from Hulme? He’s twisting the tale and I need to read more closely what he is saying elsewhere.
It wasn’t quite as if the UN passed resolution 181 and the Palestinians then started fighting. Pappe documents the peace coexistence of Jews and Palestinians who were deliberately provoked by the Haganeh in a political strategy prepared well in advance. (btw Pappe is lined up but for the wrong date so we are trying to get him to come during the exhibition.)
By January Palestinians were fleeing West Jerusalem? Hmm not quite as simple as deciding to move house. Will need to track an awful lot of Orwellian rewriting of history on this.
It might be worth linking to the Einstein et al letter to the New York Times deploring Begin’s terrorism and the massacre of Palestinians at Deir Yassin.
Even now Israel revels in the kind of terrorism committed by Irgun that Einstein deplored..

Comment by Dave

We Will never forget. Let the world know that the Palestinians are the Key holders of Peace. For all pro Palestinians, enough talk. Let your ACTIONS be louder than your words. Be pro active. Let us come together to assert the Palestinian’s legal right to FREEDOM and Self Determination. Here how you can get involved:
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Comment by falastini

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