Israel’s 60th Birthday

Scotland 1 – 0 Israel: Ron Prosor Chickens Out of Edinburgh Visit by Dave

I was looking forward to seeing Ron Prosor the PR Tosser – shame he chickened out.  Apparently following a trend of Israeli ambassadors cancelling visits amidst protest in Scotland.  Not surprising considering the mood bubbling away at the moment.  This victory will build for the protest in Glasgow on Sunday the 9th.

Israeli Ambassador cancels visit to Edinburgh in face of planned protests


The Ambassador of child murder, ethnic cleansing, and threats of ‘Holocaust’ on Gaza has called off his planned talk at Edinburgh University on Thursday.  Prosor cites ‘security concerns’:  in reality he, and Edinburgh University, realised that the planned protests would have channelled some of the fury that millions now feel at Israel’s never-ending crimes against the Palestinian people. 

Questions remain and demand answers urgently:

  • Why did Edinburgh University officially agree to Prosor’s request to speak there even as Israel intensified the collective punishment of the people of Gaza in stark violation of international law?
  • Why has no invitation been extended to a representative of the beleaguered students and staff at Bir Zeit University, officially linked to the EU Students’ Association, and heroically struggling to survive under Israel’s illegal occupation?
  • Edinburgh University says the meeting is ‘postponed and no new date has been decided’.  How can the University justify its support for the Ambassador of a terrorist state in a time of mass murder?
  • Had Scottish police forces given permission to any armed Israelis to come on to British university campuses?

Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign pledges to work to the limits of our energy and ability to keep Scotland a country where defenders of genocide, those who threaten ‘Holocaust’ against the Palestinians of Gaza, cannot visit freely.*  We will maintain the pressure on those, lost to all human compassion, who continue to openly support Israeli ethnic cleansing in the West Bank, and its murderous activities in the Gaza Killing Zone.


We build on the labours of those who have made England a no-go area for Israeli war criminals such as Dichter, Almog, Mofaz and others, by amassing data that gave legal officers no choice but to issue arrest warrants.  We take forward the decisions of the British juries who found the Israeli military guilty of the murders of British citizens Tom Hurndall and James Miller.

But most of all we will work to remove the stain of British Government complicity, from Balfour to Blair and Brown, in the incessant violation of the heroic people of Palestine, surviving against all odds under the US-supplied weapons of a murderous enemy.

We call upon people of conscience across Scotland and the world to redouble our efforts to isolate apartheid Israel through the growing campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions against the rogue state until it recognises Palestinian human rights.

We call upon the people of conscience in Glasgow and Scotland to vigorously protest the ‘Holocaust’ Ambassador’s planned visit to the Glasgow Hilton on Sunday.  Prosor will participate in a sick fund-raising event to raise money for the racist JNF**, where Goldie Hawn, in the shadow of the over 100 Gaza deaths caused by lack of access to medical care, is due to entertain Prosor and other guests with a talk on “Laughter is the Best Medicine”. 


We appeal for your support, to join us to build a component of a world-wide campaign to provide solidarity to the people of Palestine.  While the hideous/ridiculous figure of Blair slouches towards Jerusalem as a ‘peacemaker’, we have little choice.


Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign


* The previous plans by an Israeli Ambassador to visit Scotland were also cancelled in the face of planned protests.  See: We will Protest every Visit by Israeli State Agents to Scotland  

** Jewish National Fund (sordid details at


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Dear Sir,
I just happened to come across your article “Scotland 1-0 Israel”. It made me proud of my Scottish heritage to read about your opposition to the crimes against the Palestinian people by Israel. I’m embarrassed that Bush will be celebrating their 60th birthday this week.


Douglas A. Campbell
Port Townsend, Washington

Comment by Douglas A. Campbell

From one Campbell to another – thanks Douglas!

Don’t suppose you’ve any family in Boston – thats where my relatives (on the Campbell side) went. I’m guessing that although the world is small, its not that small! 😀

All the best,

Comment by Dave

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