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Protesting the JNF in Scotland by Dave
March 9, 2008, 9:17 pm
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Photographs – Glasgow Hilton Protest | Large police presence | Flag waving

I left the house today and was bathed in the brightest sunshine! This changed to rain, ice rain and then back to plain old rain again. I’ve come to expect this from the weather in Glasgow and I’ve also come to expect a strong boisterous presence from Glaswegians at protests. At the Hilton today I wasn’t disappointed – there was a large crowd of about 100 equipped with megaphones, drums, whistles, good humour and passion!

As the JNF supporters arrived for their criminal fundraiser they were confronted with a wall of sound as Glasgow, stoked with pain from the Gaza seige, made its feelings know. “Blood on your hands, blood on your hands!” cowed them as they sheepishly entered the Hilton.

I’m sure everyone at the fund-raiser got the message – the JNF and the Israeli ambassador are not welcome in Scotland. Although I think the ambassador, Ron Prosor, already got that message which is why he cancelled his talk at Edinburgh University last Thursday.

Mick Napier, chair of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, gave a speech which struck a chord with myself. He drew the crowds attention to the police helicopter hovering menacingly above us and said that while its annoying for us – in Gaza these machines are designed to murder and couldn’t operate without parts supplied by the UK.

He then mentioned a Golf match to take place sometime in May/June to further fund-raise for the JNF. Saying that while the JNF supporters can hide behind walls of police and concrete in the Hilton their fun can easily be disrupted on a golf course!

For more information on this check the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign Website.


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Amazing. The statement by Mick Napier hits home. When one compares a civilized nuisance with the same machinery that rains death and destruction on innocent Palestinians, one becomes speechless.

We are living in the 21st Century, aren’t we?

A day will come when, in 50 years (God, will it take hat long?), people and bloggers then (if they still blog like us) would “look back” at our times and wonder how a country like Israel dared commit such atrocities while the world just watched.


Comment by attendingtheworld

The reason it strikes a chord with me is that I’ve grown up with the sounds of fighter jets and helicopters buzzing around. Only recently though have I though of what it must be like to be Palestinian or Lebanese hearing these sounds and how terrifying it must be as they are on the receiving end!

Comment by Dave

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