Israel’s 60th Birthday

Israel’s 60th Anniversary Action Alert UK by Dave

Action alert from the Friends of Al-Aqsa.

actionalert.jpgSupporters of the state of Israel are planning its 60th Birthday celebrations around the world. The Palestinians are also marking this day as the 60th anniversary of the Nakba the catastrophe that cost them their homeland and made them refugees for 6 decades. The brutal occupation continues and every day, Palestinians continue to be killed by the Israeli army who shows little consideration for life and property.

Israel’s planned celebrations include:

1.A JNF funded charity dinner at Windsor Castle

2.An international friendly football game against Manchester United, in Israel

Israel continues in its occupation of Palestinian land. Its building of illegal settlements means that a future Palestinian state is no longer viable. Israel has built a separation wall within the West Bank cutting many Palestinians off from Jerusalem , and imprisoning others on the Israeli side. The death toll continues to rise. Israel must to brought to justice for its War Crimes, and its celebrations must be challenged. Israel is in breach of UN Resolutions, Geneva Convention and International law.


Help lobby the following people/organisations:

1. Her Majesty, The Queen

The Jewish National Fund is a racist organisation which owns land in the state of Israel, a lot of which it refuses to lease or sell to any non-Jews. This is both discriminatory and racist. The JNF also helps develop Israels illegal settlements in the West Bank, which exist today in defiance of international law.

-Write a letter to Her Majesty, The Queen, requesting that they withdraw their permission to the JNF to use Windsor Castle to host its celebratory dinner.

-Include the following points:

-The JNF is a racist organisation which discriminates against Arabs and Palestinians.

-The JNF assists the state of Israel in committing War Crimes against the Palestinian people.

-It is unacceptable for the British Monarchy to support the state of Israel in its celebrations when the Palestinian have suffered for 60 long years, and continue to suffer daily, a life of oppression, occupation and brutality. We expect our Monarch to remain impartial in the circumstances.

-For these reason, we find it unacceptable that the JNF be given access to Windsor Castle .

Address: Her Majesty The Queen, Buckingham Palace, London, SW1A 1AA.

2. Manchester United

Israel has issued an invitation to Manchester United Football club to play in an international friendly match in Israel to celebrate its 60th anniversary.

-Lobby the Manchester United Football team, and ask them to refuse Israel s invitation. Include the following points:

-Israel is an occupying power who has made the lives of the Palestinian people miserable for the past 60 years.

-Israel restrict the movement of Palestinians and has even barred Palestinian football team to travel abroad.

-Israel has regularly bombed Palestinian football stadium.

-Israel s occupation is illegal, and it has been condemned by the United Nations on dozens of occasions because of its war crimes.

-Israel has been responsible for initiating at least three wars in the region leading to thousands of deaths.

-Israel is only a democracy for its Jewish citizens, and all others are treated in a discriminatory fashion, leading to criticisms of Apartheid like practices.

-Israel s 60th birthday marks 60 years since the Palestinian Nakba or catastrophe, and we cannot accept that a British football team would aid in the celebration of the misery of 8 million Palestinians.

Address: Management, Manchester United, Sir Matt Busby Way, Old Trafford, Manchester, M16 0RA


TAKE ACTION today, and remember to copy your emails/Letter to Friends of Al-Aqsa:


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This website is one-sided, and does not reflect an honest consideration of Israel’s positions or responses to Palestinian terror. Israel has a right to exist, we need to start the dialogue from there. Israelis need to see the same about their Palestinian and Arab neighbors. Denying Israel’s right to celebrate the re-partiation of Jews in their homeland is not the path to reconciliation, but of endless war.

Comment by Sim

This website is actually 3 sided – being Scottish I have no reason to have any particular bias. My sides are rationality, peace and justice.

You however do clearly have a biased approach. Surely your line of peace would start with Israel declaring its borders? Why should anyone say it has a right to exist before its known exactly what it is? Personally I think its a propaganda term ‘right to exist’ – all the people have a right to exist by in my opinion a Government/State does not. It exists as long as the people want it too and find it useful. A racist and criminal state has even less right to exist.

Actually celebrating 1948 is the root to endless war. How do you think Palestinians feel that Israelis celebrate while they grieve their ethnic cleansing? The two sides need mutual respect and understanding of what happened before there will be peace. Now if Israel recognised the crimes it was founded on, helping commemorate the nakba with Palestinians, that would go a long way to creating peace.

Comment by Dave

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