Israel’s 60th Birthday

Zionists to target UK Schools for Israel’s 60th Anniversary by Dave

Looks like the Zionist Federation is targeting UK schools with its birthday celebration propaganda.  Will British schools help them celebrate the ethnic cleansing in Palestine?

While I think its good children should learn about science its wrong that it should be used as a trick in a political campaign to make them think positively of the worlds leading criminal state.

Concern over lack of funds for Israel 60th
By Dana Gloger
LONDON’S Israeli embassy will not receive any extra funding from the Foreign Ministry to mark the state’s 60th-anniversary celebrations after the Israeli government said it will not be allocating additional money to any of its outposts across the world.

This has left the embassy in London, as well as others worldwide, having to dip into their own budgets if they wish to mark 60 years since independence.

But there is concern that inside Israel, there is a budget of 100 million shekels (£14.2 million) to spend on special anniversary events. The money has been made available to a committee headed by Ruhama Avraham, minister without portfolio.

A Foreign Ministry official who did not want to be named said that there was much frustration within the ministry about the lack of funds for diaspora communities.

He added: “They’ll have to manage on what they’ve got. As a result, we have to make do with our already minuscule cultural and hasbara budgets. We have told the embassies to do what they can in the hope that Jewish communities will help.”

A spokeswoman at the London embassy confirmed that it was having to fund celebratory events from its existing budget, but could not confirm whether this would detract from the money it would normally spend on other projects.

She added that many of the events that will be taking place are annual events, which will this year focus on the 60th anniversary. These may not therefore incur higher costs than on previous years.

But communal organisations reacted with disappointment at the news that there would be no Foreign Ministry help for celebrations outside Israel.

Andrew Balcombe, chair of the Zionist Federation, said: “It’s a real shame. Israel’s 60th birthday is an opportunity to reach the British public with a positive message about Israel.

“The ZF is funding Europe’s biggest celebration on Yom Ha’atzmaut at Wembley, with comedian Jackie Mason. We are also bringing Israeli scientific achievements to UK schools, among several other 60th projects.”

The initiative will see around 3,000 sixth-form students attending presentations by Israeli scientists from the country’s major universities in June.

A spokesman for the Board of Deputies said: “We welcome all manner of support that the embassy has to offer in the events surrounding Israel’s 60th anniversary, which are ultimately a British celebration of Israel’s achievements since its birth as a Jewish state.”


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