Israel’s 60th Birthday


Kissinger, along with every other living former secretary of state, has signed on as a vice-chair of the National Committee for Israel 60, which will coordinate events to celebrate Israel’s anniversary.

Co-chairing the national commemoration are former American presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

It looks like Israel has a strangle hold over US elite opinion.  I guess, with these big names, celebrations in the USA of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine are going to be quite spectaculor (not to mention sickening).  I had heard about Bush and Clinton chairing this commemoration from around last November – but it wasn’t confirmed.

Its not much of a surprise that Kissingers on board – war criminals have all got to look out for each other after all.  He learned that lesson after seeing what happened to Pinochet in the UK. Chomsky famously quotes his genocidal orders in Cambodia: “anything that flies on anything that moves.”  I’m sure he fits in well in Israel – this appears to be there unofficial motto.

The Trails of Henry Kissinger

Kissinger’s Cold War schemes of bombing Cambodia, the genocidal invasion of East Timor by Indonesia and the coup and related atrocities in Chile are all well researched in this 80 minute film.


Source the Jerusalem Post

As Israel nears its 60th anniversary, the partnership between the Jewish state and America remains a “fundamental conviction” of the American public, according to former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former secretary of state Henry Kissinger chat in Davos, Switzerland.
Photo: AP

“The partnership is changing because the conditions are changing,” Kissinger told The Jerusalem Post over the weekend. “In the early years it was a question of states interacting with each other, and now it is part of a whole global situation.”

But these changes, Kissinger said, had not weakened America’s conviction that support for Israel is in the American national interest.

“I think the relationship remains essential,” said Kissinger. “I think there is a fundamental conviction that the security of Israel is in the American national interest. That has not changed.”

Kissinger, along with every other living former secretary of state, has signed on as a vice-chair of the National Committee for Israel 60, which will coordinate events to celebrate Israel’s anniversary.

Co-chairing the national commemoration are former American presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

The involvement of the former presidents and secretaries of state sent a strong and reassuring message of the continued stability and growing strength of the bonds between the two countries, said Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, which is spearheading the committee.

“No matter what dips and valleys, the record is of 60 years of remarkable friendship,” said Hoenlein. “Support of the American people is at an all-time high now.”

The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, which came out last year and argued that American support for Israel had jeopardized not only US security but that of much of the rest of the world, had not had “any great impact on the general public,” Kissinger said. “The American public continues to support the relations [between the two countries], and resistance to any threat to the survival of Israel.”

Asked whether the theory of Mutually Assured Destruction – which during the Cold War was seen as helping to prevent any direct full-scale conflicts between the United States and the Soviet Union as they engaged in smaller proxy wars around the world – could be applied to Iran, Kissinger said: “The American government is committed to preventing Iran from getting nuclear weapons, and I strongly support that position. I don’t want to speculate what would happen if they do get nuclear weapons, because that should not happen.”

Kissinger, who used his skills at conflict management to negotiate the end of the 1973 Yom Kippur War and helped set the stage for the Israel-Egypt peace treaty, said reaching such accommodations “is more difficult if you have religious-based opponents than state-based opponents.”


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It’s not a partnership when one of the ‘partners’ is dependent upon the other for funds with which to sustain itself. Israel is a parasite.

After 60 years, when are the Americans going to awaken – just look at food prices, climbing every day as we send billions to itty-bitty parasitic Israel. Let it take care of itself for a change.

Comment by Carol Rae Bradford

Yup I agree – this is a good article on the subject

Comment by Dave

[…] are behind Israel, all elites have signed up to celebrate the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.  Previous reports have shown Kissinger, along with every other living former secretary of state, Bill Clintion and […]

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Carol Rae Bradford is a known Nazi sympathizer and Jew hater. She’s sick.
Israel’s contribution to agricultural technology has led to higher yields and lower food prices throughout the world. Bradford’s a moron trying to link food prices and aid to Israel but she’s a piece of crap Jew hater. She’ll say anything. She’s scum.
The rest of the website is left wing crap.
Get a life — go live in Saudi Arabia. You all deserve that, not freedom in the U.S.

Comment by Jarrow Rogovin

I can’t find anything much on Carol Ray perhaps you can provide a link.

You have zero respect for freedoms. Because I’m using them you believe I don’t deserve them and should have them removed. What is the point of freedoms if you don’t believe I should use them?

It seems you don’t believe in freedom at all. Maybe you should go to Saudi you’ve more in common than I do.

Comment by Dave

Dear readers,

In no way do I hate the Jewish people. In fact, my half brothers were Jewish, and Jewish folks have married into our family and we love them.

I only object to the current government running in Israel–that does not mean hatred of Jews. We are even close to a Rabbi friend.

I am indeed a fervent researcher and as to being a Nazi sympathizer, again, I am in the process of studying WWII history.

I would hope that the above untruths about me will be removed from Google. Thank you.

Comment by Carol Rae Bradford

Apologies for former comments! We do send more than 3 billion annually to Israel.

As a researcher, I study the Middle East, also World War II Germany. Certainly I am not fond of ethnic murderers in any country at any time.

We have relatives married to Jewish people, and we are very fond of them. I have never hated any ethnic group, only what some governments are doing to our tiny planet.

Comment by Carol Rae Bradford

Jarrow Rogovin May 19, 2008:- a disgusting tirade of filthy language tells us everything about this writer. I congratulate Carol on her outstanding summation of US-Israel relations and totally manipulated, ill-informed American public opinion. I do however believe that the annual financial support the USA gives Israel (US tax payers money!)is more like USD6 Billion with a provision that it is used to buy USA made products (mainly horrific armaments).Until there is a TRULY just settlement achieved for the Palestinians, this is the tinder box which will explode into World War III, if indeed it has not already started in a different “format” to WWI and WW2,(Iraq,Afghanistan and possibly Iran next).

Comment by Christopher JOHN

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