Israel’s 60th Birthday

Big Apple, Big Mistake – Dancing on Palestinian Graves by Dave

New York is to hold a large celebration of Israel’s 60th Birthday aka the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in Washington Square.  The square is set to be the largest graveyard dance floor – dancing while Palestinians mourn the murder and displacement of their relatives is disgusting.

Washington Square in New York has seen its fair share of the city’s most notable cultural events: Just recently this famous square was the site for a campaign rally for US presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama, as well as for a memorial service for the victims of the 9/11 terror attack.

In May, however, Washington Square will be flooded with American youths looking to celebrate, dance and party with the State of Israel as it marks its 60th anniversary.

The Israeli Consulate in New York has organized a dance party, to be held in Washington Square on May 8, in honor of Israel’s independence.

Thousands of New York youngsters are expected to enjoy the finest in Israeli electronic music as they dance the night away under New York’s famous skyline.

Washington Square will become the world’s largest dance floor with Israeli DJ Offer Nissim, one of the most successful DJs in the US today, supplying the music to rock the night away.


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Another crying baby…
As long as the Palestinians dream about destroying Israel, they will continue to leave the way they live today. Your Jihad friends have chisen war and that’s exactly what they are getting. When does the Palestinians take responsability for their actions and stop blaming Israel ? it’s about time that they contribute something to the world beside sucide bombs and murderer.

Comment by assi

Seems to me the State of Israel is fine – its the dream of Palestine thats been destroyed.

Israel is the aggressor – you cannot maintain a military occupation for 40 years and call it defense. Call it whatever you want but its not defense. Not to mention the illegal settlements and illegal apartheid wall and other apartheid conditions.

Comment by Dave

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