Israel’s 60th Birthday

Military Bands Travel to Israel for 60th by Dave
April 17, 2008, 6:49 pm
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Looks like the Israeli ‘Defence’ Force will have the pleasure of hosting other nations military bands – including from the UK. Not surprising really that Britian, the former colonial power in the region, would celebrate with fellow colonisers in their success.

As part of the events orchestrated by the IDF in honor of Israel’s 60th birthday, the army has invited various leading military bands to take part in a festive march.

Bands representing the US Military, the British, French, Dutch and Russian armed forces, as well as the Romanian, Brazilian, Polish and German armies have confirmed their attendance.

The US Military will be sending its Air Force Band, which represents the States in events all over Europe. The UK will be sending the Royal Division’s Orchestra – just one of the British army’s 23 bands, which heads every one of the UK’s Ground Forces’ events.

Germany will also be sending its Air Force Band, as will Holland. Romania will be sending its Regiment Guards Band – which was formed by the Romanian king in 1860; Brazil will be sending its Marines Band – which includes 130 musicians, and Poland will be sending the Navy Orchestra, which has been playing since 1920.

The march’s main event will be held in Haifa, as the bands will perform an array of familiar compositions, as well as the Israeli anthem of Hatikva and the IDF March theme.

The event will end in a paratroopers’ spectacle. Admission will be free.


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Hmmmm… as the artist who created the image you are displaying I take offence to you using it in your blatant propaganda and will report you for doing so. The fact that the place that we are staying in has recently been rocketed by the so called peaceful Palestinians just shows that Palastine does not want peace.

Comment by Robert Mee

I take offence at your blantent propaganda too – which is what this whole article is. Thats why I’ve posted it with criticism – something thats covered by ‘fair use’ copyright law I believe.

In fact the whole blog is in response to a propaganda campaign launched in my country by the Israeli Ambassador around Israel’s 60th. Something which I find deeply offensive.

I’m sorry to hear you’re being rocketed by Palestinians (the majority of which are peaceful despite your sarcasm and all of which are oppressed).

I think you’ll find its the Israeli Government that regects peace – even though over 60% of polled Israelis, to their credit, said they wanted the Government to negotiate peace with Hamas.

Feel free to report me – I find it encouraging that you consider my humble little blog worth your time! 😀

Actually I’ll just take it down – save you the effort and me the bother. Feel better? I doubt it.

Comment by Dave

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