Israel’s 60th Birthday

Scots Remember the Nakba – Local Zionists Unhappy by Dave

Scots upset with the 60th ‘birthday’ celebrations for Israel have arranged a counter meal as a form of protest. I have some small involvement with the groups here and this guy, writting in the letters page of the JC, is way off the mark. Good to see the protest is working though. I’ve added the SPSC reply below too.

On May 9, the day after Israel’s Scottish friends have celebrated the 60th anniversary of Israel’s independence, the Scottish-Islamic Foundation, in partnership with an extremist, anti-Israel group, will “celebrate” the “nakba”, the catastrophe, at the same venue in Giffnock, in the heartland of the Scottish Jewish community. Who, in their right mind, would want to sit down to a slap-up meal in celebration of an ignominious defeat, more especially in partnership with those who accuse Jews of “stealing the organs of non-Jews”, talk of “Jewish supremacism” and belittle the recent murders of Jewish students in Jerusalem?

S Grossman, Newton Mearns, Glasgow

The reply

Mr Grossman’s letter is untrue in every detail, as your readers can easily confirm. Exposing the genocidal Jewish settlers who graduate from Mercaz HaRav to Hebron is not to accuse Jews in general of anything at all. A discussion of the ‘Jewish supremacism’ embedded in the State of Israel is as acceptable as that of the ‘White supremacism’ that once scarred South Africa and Alabama. Your readers may wish to defend or oppose entrenched political and economic privileges for Jews in Israel, but none, I think would deny it in private. Similarly, far from trying to ‘belittle’ the recent killings of Mercaz HaRav students, your correspondent accurately reported me: “Mr Napier told the JC that…he did not seek to justify the murders.”

I share in the outright ‘disgust at Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people’ expressed by the majority of members of the current Scottish Government on behalf of the Scottish people, including the good people of East Renfrewshire. As for accusations of ‘anti-Semitism’, we know that it is an axiom of political Zionism, independent of all observations, that anti-Semitism is endemic, timeless and ineradicable.

Living in a Britain which is currently waging a vicious war in Iraq, I accept that we have responsibility to oppose British involvement in that carnage. Jews of conscience similarly need to distance themselves from the atrocious crimes of the State of Israel. As for us, we will continue to campaign for universal human rights for all in Israel/Palestine, for a situation where Arabs and Jews can live together, after the Zionist jackboot has been removed from the neck of the long-suffering Palestinians.Best

Mick Napier
Chair, Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign


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