Israel’s 60th Birthday

Latuff: Gaza Blockade by Dave
May 3, 2008, 9:49 pm
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Gaza Blockade


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You know what would be a really truthful cartoon? One depicting the so called “Palestinians” blowing up Jewish babies and their grandmothers at places like Seder dinners and on Egged buses.
It’s awfully odd that you blame the Jews for abuses when the Muslim countries treat each other, especially their scapegoats from Gaza and the West Bank, with more contempt, hate and abuses. Did any of you ever check out the two Isreali Jews the freaks in Ramallah stomped and beat to death? Want to know their names? Try Vadim Nurzhitz and Yossi Avrahami. Their blood is on your heads like all the other Jews who have been killed by the likes of your and yours.
Go ahead and delete this comment. I won’t be surprised by it but who ever deletes it will have had to read it and that is all that counts!
Now may you rot in hell with the Hitler’s Muslim Waffna SS. Yes, that good old Nazi and the Muslims were kissing each others ass during World War two!

Comment by Judith Stefchak

sent that before I could correct the “Waffen” SS

Y’all know how to goosestep?

Comment by Judith Stefchak

Actually I’m usually quite happy to post the more stupid comments.

The cartoon is justified and your idea is nonsense. Many more Palestinian children are killed than Israeli and as the Israeli Government refuses peace they hold greater responsibility.

From your own blog “Until Israel stands up and boots out every last Muslim.”

Seems your more familiar with the SS than me: just as they wanted “Judenrein” (a Jew free country) you’re advocating a Muslim free one.

I’ve never heard of the Muslims helping the Nazis in any great way. In fact I’m pretty sure they would not have been safe from Hitler being another “slave” race.

The Nazis were however supported by the Pope and the majority of Europian/US elites (until they went West rather than East). These are the people to take issue with over that. Whether Muslims helped or supported Nazis would have made zero difference to events.

Obviously if you begin to litter my blog with your rubbish I will start deleting it all.

Comment by Dave

to Comment by Judith Stefchak May 5, 2008 @ 7:09 am

go read a history of Nazis first then comment.

Comment by Muslima

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