Israel’s 60th Birthday

Israel at 60: send us your views by Dave
May 5, 2008, 11:25 pm
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unleavened bread, couple at Boombamela festival, an Arab Israeli  in Jerusalem

The BBC have a fine feature on Israel’s 60th Anniversary I wonder if they’ll also give the same space to the Nakba ( the catastrophe: the ethnic cleansing of Palestine).   Some how I doubt it.  They also had the following article inviting Israelis to submit comments to the site about the anniversary.  Here at Israels60thbirthday we’d like to do the same except we want to hear from Palestinians  leave a comment below.

As Israel approaches its 60th anniversary, the BBC News website would like to hear the views of Israelis about their country.

Do you have memories of 1948 or the time before the state? What are your hopes for the next 60 years of Israel? What can Israelis do to settle their country’s borders and reach peace with its neighbours?

Were you born in Israel, or have you moved there from somewhere else? What do you value most about your country? What things would you change if you could?


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I just emailed them about this! It is absolutley disgusting what they are doing! I have posted a copy of my email to them on my blog.

Glad to see someone else has noticed.

Comment by loolt

I am visiting in Israel for three months. I am a tourist. I see Jews and Muslims living together here in Jerusalem. No problems.

Muslims and Jews have stores here together, walk together, shop together. Does not seem any problem to me!

Perhaps if the Palestinian Authority and Hamas would stop being jerks, and work for peace, they could have a real good life.


Comment by George

You mean the Hamas that held a ceasefire for a year, in preparation for their election victory, to show their commitment to peace? After their election they were then rewarded by being blockaded and shelled by the Israeli Government.

the same Hamas who this month offered peace and negotiations – only for them to be refused? Not for the first time.

I think anyone with a brain that can read knows who the jerks are George. Try the Israeli Governments, swamped in corruption charges, the Hasbara goons and their supporters such as yourself.

Comment by Dave

Thats right Dave – the same Hamas whose Covenant is filled with visceral antisemitic references ,refers to the blood libels and the notorious forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The same Hamas that demands the total elimination of Israel to be replaced by an Islamic state.

Not much to argue there Dave but maybe you have a different Hamas !

Comment by Harvey

So originally the point was that there could be peace if “Hamas would stop being jerks, and work for peace.”

I’ve just shown that Hamas have tried working for peace – which you have not refuted.

Instead you say they are anti-semites hell bent on the destructon of Israel therefore there can never be peace with them? So in your view its correct to refuse to negotiate and for mutual destruction to continue? And you say the blame lies with them when you refuse to “work for peace.” Or is your idea of working for peace is the annihilation of Hamas? Does it just stop at Hamas? I can’t see that your position is any different, or less fanatical, than what you attribute to them.

Comment by Dave

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