Israel’s 60th Birthday

New York Celebrates Israel’s 60th Birthday by Dave

It appears New York has been celebrating the 60th anniversary of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

Cheers, conversation, and song could be heard in both English and Hebrew among the attendees, who waved American and Israeli flags. Groups representing synagogues, schools, and community organizations in the tristate area participated.

An Israeli who immigrated to America 15 years ago, Tali Fox, led the Israel Scouts, an Israeli-culture youth group whose Manhattan chapter she founded. She said Israelis have always enjoyed a special bond with New York City, which is home to one of the largest Jewish populations in the world.

“I feel so much at home in this city,” Ms. Fox said. “Especially after 9/11, I’ve felt a big openness in the American Jewish community to the Israeli community.”

New York’s parades are traditionally an important stop for local politicians at all levels, and yesterday’s celebrations were no exception. Governor Paterson, Mayor Bloomberg, and Governor Corzine of New Jersey led the parade route, along with a variety of local elected officials and political hopefuls.

Folk dancers, high school marching bands, and singers entertained the crowd. One performance that drew particular attention — and praise from Mr. Bloomberg at a speech in Midtown earlier in the day — came from the dozens of shofar blowers who filled the air with trumpetlike blasts from their instruments, made from rams’ horns.

A street vendor who sells sodas and candy in the city, Michael Felix, organized the shofar group, sending out Internet requests for participants.

“I decided for the 60-year anniversary to try to get 60 people or more,” Mr. Felix said yesterday, carrying his horn. “It’s our gathering sound. It’s the sound of the calling of troops together, it’s the call to come to temple.”


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I can tell you right now I do not lack the chutspa to tell you that it is no secret that the picture of what is actually happening in the region is not being portrayed accurately in the media. If there is no human rights violations going on, then why won’t even the Red Cross be allowed in Gaza? Why is the media not allowed to enter Gaza? Do you not think that the prior inhabitants of this region deserve more than just a modern day concentration camp? Countless of homes have been demolished as a form of “collective punishment”. Israel has disregarded their agreements in the past, and has continued the dangerous acquisition of land by military means. How could the so-called “Real Jews” of Israel, a people that know the brutality of genocide first hand, turn around and advocate these things without having voices of opposition reach the ears of people all around the world, or the voice of their very conscience amplified. After being given the chance to relocate in Palestine to start a new beginning after escaping the horrors of Hitler, how could anyone have the chutspa to deny these people the most basic of human rights. The least they could do is return half of the land. Remember, the world has watched all along the disappearance of Palestine happen right under their noses. The leaders responsible for the propoganda that fabricates the justification for this, are too busy in the pursuit of power, and not thinking ahead of what new hate this is breeding towards true good hearted Jews that are going by what false seeds of passions their leaders have planted in them through these bias media fabrications. If Barack has an agenda to come to an agreement with whomever, to finally bring genuine peace to this region, I applaud it. I’m an American Jew, and I along with other Jews in my community feel mutual about this.
The only thing that these irresponsible actions of the Israeli Government truly reveal is that it doesn’t give a rats ass as to how this will affect its’ own people. As a Jew, I am in disbelief at how careless Israeli politics have become. The repercussions of this will eventually effect Jews all around the world. I implore all Jews to speak up without the fear of being labeled a “self hating Jew”. Desperate and dangerous tactics, exercised far too long in order to maintain this self destructive behavior. If you ask me the real self hating Jews are the bastards who condone this crap. MY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH!, AND 2 WRONGS WILL NEVER MAKE IT RIGHT, AND PEOPLE WILL NEVER FORGET! DON’T YOU SEE THIS IN THE END WILL ONLY HURT US, AFTER HOW MUCH WE’VE BEEN THROUGH TO REACH HOW FAR WE HAVE COME?!

Comment by Daniel Schultz

Thanks Daniel, your contribution is very insightful and welcome.

Comment by Dave

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