Israel’s 60th Birthday

Israel@60: Hip-hop flop at the Apollo Theater by Dave
June 20, 2008, 9:00 pm
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Orwell eat your heart out as a ‘humanitarian’ group the Foundation for ‘Ethnic Tolerance’ arrange a party celebrating 60 years since the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.  While for Jewish Israeli’s and Israel supporters the birth of Israel was a great moment, for the ethnic minority in Palestine the anniversary is a time when they remember the ethnic cleansing of their country (see rape, massacre and transfer by Israeli historian Benny Morris).  Ethnic tolerance?  More like ethnic intolerance. It’s also sad to see Africans, who suffered(er) terribly at the hands of Europe, bond with European colonisers finding kinship in oppressing Arabs (which apartheid Israel continues to do).

Oh and if you want to see why it was a flop – check the video and get a load of the atmosphere (or lack of it). “Put your hands up like this, whoop whoop!” Lol.  Perhaps when celebrating ethnic cleansing it’s appropriate that your party looks like a wake.

Is it just me or does displaying big flags like that make you sick?  In the UK we tend not to have flags anywhere – it always reminds me of the Nazi’s who seemed to regale in that kind of blunt nationalism.  Or perhaps it’s because I assosiate that flag with horrific crimes.

YNET: The Israeli Consulate in New York staged a unique performance at the city’s Apollo Theater Tuesday, celebrating Israel’s 60th birthday. The main event: A concert headed by Grammy Award winning hip-hop violinist Miri Ben-Ari, who preformed with the Big Apple’s most famous gospel choirs.

The evening was sponsored by the Gedenk Movement, a humanitarian group founded by Ben-Ari that is dedicated to promoting youth education about anti-Semitism and the Jewish Holocaust, and by the Foundation for Ethnic Tolerance, which was founded by Rabbi Marc Schneier and philanthropist Russell Simmons. Ben-Ari won a Grammy in 2004 for her collaboration with American rap artist Kanye West on the hit “Jesus Walks”, thus becoming the first Israeli performer to be awarded the prestigious prize.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the friendship between Israel and the African-American community in the United States,” said Ben-Ari.

“We are excited to bring the African-American community and its Israeli counterpart together to prove that music can be the catalyst to understanding and cooperation. We hope this evening will spell the beginning of a cultural change,” Assaf Shariv, Israel’s consul general in New York, told Ynet.David Saranga, the consulate’s Consul for Media and Public Affairs, added that “we wanted to introduce the African-American community to Israel; to send a message of kinship. This is the first time an Israeli group organized an event specifically with the African-American community in mind.”

The concert is just one of a series of events organized in the city in honor of Israel’s 60th Independence Day. Another major event includes giant billboards in Times Square, featuring various celebrities – the likes of Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Brooke Shields and Tom Cruise, to name a few – wishing Israel a happy 60th.

Israel Today:  The African American community of New York celebrated Israel’s 60 years of independence as more than 1,500 blacks gathered in Harlem at the famous Apollo Theater on Tuesday for an evening saluting Israel.

Three black gospel groups performed along with a number of musical stars and there was a special guest appearance by Israeli hip hop violinist Miri Ben-Ari. The event was an initiative of the Israeli Consulate General in New York and was broadcast on NBC.

Consul for Media and Public Affairs David Saranga said that the performance is part of a series of events and projects in New York in May and June with a goal of commemorating Israel’s 60 years including the screening of top celebrities congratulating Israel in Times Square.

Also, 20,000 people came out to a special event for Israel’s 60th birthday celebration in Toronto.


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I have just left a comment on the YouTube video – ‘Truly nauseating stuff from the cruel oppressors of the Palestinians’. It will probably be removed just like the actual videos that are removed by YouTube/Google as can be seen on Uruknet regularly.

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