Israel’s 60th Birthday

Salute to Israel Parade: London and Manchester by Dave
June 27, 2008, 8:33 pm
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Good luck to all those protesting against the Salute to Israel Parade in London on Sunday the 29th.   The parade is designed to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the rape, massacre and transfer that constituted the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and birth of Israel.

Jewish Chronicle:  The Community Security Trust will mount what is thought to be its biggest-ever operation on Sunday to ensure that two Salute to Israel parades in London and Manchester pass without incident.

Around 500 volunteers will join police officers on the streets of

London to shadow 25 floats and 29 marching groups, representing a wide range of communal organisations.

A similar turnout is expected at a parade and rally due to take place in Manchester’s Heaton Park.

Float organisers were told that up to 1,000 police may line the route, although police sources suggested the figure may be closer to 250.

“Our goal is to ensure that our community enjoys its right to celebrate in peace and without disruption,” said Mark Gardner, CST spokesman.

“There have been months of planning with the parade organisers, local councils and specialist police units. It is of course regrettable that we have to take such security precautions, but the community understands the reasons for it and CST, like the police, will facilitate the celebration to the utmost of our abilities.”

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “There will be sufficient officers on duty to deal with any eventuality that might arise.”

All the volunteers have undergone hours of extra training to equip them to meet any eventualities that might occur.

Senior CST personnel have held meetings with the Metropolitan and Greater Manchester police as well as the Greater London Authority, Westminster and Manchester councils. “There has been a complex planning process, which also involved health and safety matters,” Mr Gardner said.

Doug Krikler, chief of executive of UJIA, one of the main backers, was confident that the event (also sponsored by the JC) would be a success.

“In the past few weeks we have sensed growing interest and we anticipate similar numbers of people to the Trafalgar Square event in 2002. About 5,000 people will be participating in the parade and up to 40,000 joining in along the route and the party afterwards,” he predicted.

“Last time, everyone came to London from around the country. This time, we wanted to make things more accessible so there will be a parallel parade in Manchester, though without the floats, followed by a rally in Heaton Park at the same time as the one in London. We expect there to be a big turnout of families from all over the north of England.

“It has been a very exciting project that reflects the ability of the community to come together to do something on a grand scale in a collaborative and collective fashion for Israel.

“As organisers, we take very seriously the safety of the event and we have been liaising with all the public services as well as councils.”

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign, the Twinning Network and Action Palestine students’ group have hired three double-decker buses and, according to temporary administration officer Don Atherton, are planning to drive around central London and the streets surrounding the square.

Jews for Justice for Palestinians will hold a vigil outside the South African embassy, near Trafalgar Square.

Meanwhile, another threat was exposed on the JustPeaceUK website, where a Jewish critic of Israel, Deborah Fink, calls for volunteers for a counter-demonstration — a naked bike ride.

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Mazel tov Israel. MAY YOU ALWAYS EXIST!!!!!

Comment by Rochelle Benson

The Zionist entity has eleven basic laws. That on human dignity and liberty requires:- ‘There shall be no violation of the life, body or dignity of any person as such’ (Section 2). The violation and torture of Mohammed is one of the latest instances amongst millions which have been carried out for the purpose of ethnic cleansing. It is apparent that this Basic Law does not apply to the Palestinian and one can therefore assume the entity regards Mohammed and all his people as being untermenschen.’

The above has relevance to this latest inhumane and cruel treatment of a Palestinian, Mohammed Omer, joint winner of the 2008 Martha Gellhorn prize for Journalism. Perhaps Messrs Newmark,
Prosor, Janner, Grunwald et al have no knowledge of this and if they did, would probably deny that it had happened.

“News of Mohammed Omer is not good. None of us had heard a word. Calls made by several people including legal people and a letter to the Dutch Embassy in Israel etc etc produced no information. We heard originally via an article on Uruknet that he had been taunted, humiliated and ill-treated – made to lie face down on the ground and soldiers’ boots put on his neck!

We did not know that he had to go to hospital as this later report informs us. Totally inhumane and illegal behaviour by the Israeli state. The delay prevented him from attending the wedding of one of his surviving brothers.

So he’s home with his family but at a price.”

Comment by mary

Watched a bit of their live webcast. Odious Nick Ferrari was the compere introducing Prosor just now and there is a moody young female Israeli violinist following. Picture is quite good but the sound is disastrous. Good. Perhaps there was some sabotage on the link.

Comment by mary

this weekend in NYC, Israel Day Charade dot com

Comment by andrew

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