Israel’s 60th Birthday

60 years of Israeli war crimes – no reason to celebrate! by Dave
June 29, 2008, 2:26 pm
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Press release from the groups involved in todays demo against the Salute to Israel parade.

Buses will travel round central London 29 June to explain the catastrophe experienced by Palestinians.

Salute Israel, a parade and rally in Trafalgar Square on 29 June, will celebrate 60 years since the establishment of the state of Israel.  For millions of Palestinians, this is no cause for celebration.  It is the Nakba – or catastrophe – which started in 1948, when 13,000 Palestinians were killed and over 750,000 Palestinians were forced from their homes.  The Nakba continues today, as those refugees and their descendents are still denied by Israel their basic right to return to their homes, and Palestinians living under occupation continued to be killed in military attacks.  Dr Hafez al-Karmi, President of Palestinian Forum of Britain, described the planned activities as “a reminder to the British public that the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people has gone unabated and has never ceased since 1948.  The occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 1967, the Apartheid policies imposed on Palestinians and the starvation of 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza today are sufficient proof that the plan to ethnically cleanse Palestine remains in action.”

On Sunday 29 June, three double decker buses decorated with banners and carrying  solidarity campaigners will travel through central London, to remind people observing the party that while Israel celebrates, millions of Palestinians endure an ongoing Nakba, resulting from Israel’s war crimes.   The buses have organised by Action Palestine, Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), the Britain Palestine Twinning Network (Twinning Network), the National Union of Students’ Black Students Campaign (NUS BSC), the Federation of Student Islamic Societies in the UK and Eire (FOSIS), British Muslim Initiative (BMI), the Palestinian Forum in Britain (BFB) and the Palestine Return Centre (PRC).  In addition, a counter vigil will also be held opposite the pro-Israel festival at Trafalgar Square, organised by PFB and BMI.

The Israeli Ambassador, has accused Britain of becoming increasingly ‘anti-Israeli’.  Betty Hunter, General Secretary of PSC, responded: “In fact, people in Britain are becoming increasingly anti Israel’s policies, and are unwilling to keep silent at Israel’s continued violations of UN resolutions and international law.”

Malaika Raza from the NUS Black Students Campaign said, “We are helping to build a new anti-apartheid campaign to call for justice for the Palestinians, and an end to the ongoing Nakba.”


Action Palestine,

Britain Palestine Twinning Network (Twinning Network),

British Muslim Initiative (BMI),

Federation of Student Islamic Societies in the UK and Eire (FOSIS),

National Union of Students’ Black Students Campaign,

Palestinian Forum in Britain (PFB)

Palestine Return Centre (PRC)

Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC)


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A mass mobilisation for this counter protest should have taken place and an attempt to stop the salute to Israel festival should have been tried. The left were strangly absent from this protest why? The left have in the past successfully disrupted rallies by the BNP and National Front yet have shied away from this protest. The SWP have proved they can mobilise thousands and are supposed to be supporters of the Palestinians why did they abandon this event.

OK it might have resulted in some violent confrontations but there used to be violent confrontations when the left held counter demonstrations against fascists. Given that the Israelis are behaving like nazis towards the Palestinians a violent confrontation with these “nazi” zionists would have been justified.

Comment by greystone

Hey Greystone I completely agree. I don’t know if they are purposefully absent or just hadn’t heard of it (which says a lot anyway, although this is said to be the first one of its kind).

Comment by Dave

It was utterly disgusting to see Moslems shouting and displaying banners that contained nothing but lies! There is no point the Arabs complaining about Israel. Israel is a light unto the nations, the Arabs/Moslems are a dark cloud of doom.

Comment by Fivish

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