Israel’s 60th Birthday

The Killing of Georgians by Dave
August 18, 2008, 1:31 pm
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American media are still pushing the narrative that the “Soviets” crushed yet another fledgling democracy.

We used to make fun of Pravda for saying shit like this:

“It has been more than a week since Georgia launched a military operation in South Ossetia, to bring the pro-Russian rebel region under the control of the central government. Instead, Georgian soldiers met a humiliating defeat in an overwhelming Russian counterattack.”

Notice how shelling a civilian population becomes trying to bring “rebels” under control. Rebels who held an election and honored the results. Don’t confuse having elections with democracy.

The right to self determination should be the headline. American journos want to reignite the cold war narratives of the 1960s.

Hey, look up in the sky! Isn’t that Sputnik?

Comment by Ressentiment

This conflict goes to show how idiotic the USA will act if their interests are at stake. They want an intact Georgia to enter NATO and thus be appeasing to them (Georgia, I’ve heard, is home to a good amount of oil), which is why they are demonizing the Russians. However, I’ve been quite surprised how easily this seems to be resolving. I remember a few months back when Kosovo declared independence people were saying this could be the start of another cold war, but it didn’t seem to do much. No matter what happens, it’s pretty clear this is all about American interests abroad, which is the main reason it starts wars in the first place.

Comment by Julia P.

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