Israel’s 60th Birthday

Hollywood to celebrate Israel’s 60th Birthday by Dave
September 9, 2008, 12:02 pm
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Hollywood to celebrate Israel’s 60th Birthday: aka the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.  For more on Hollywood’s celebrations see here.

Once all the hoopla diminished following the big opening blast in May, Israel’s 60th birthday has taken on a decidedly low-key complexion, at least in Israel.
That’s why it needs a little push from Hollywood. Well, actually, a big red-carpeted, black-limousined push.According to Yediot Aharonot, Israel’s 60th anniversary will be celebrated in style on September 18th at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles.

More than 1,000 Americans – either from the film industry or the Jewish community – have been invited to the festivities, which will set them back $1,000. Already confirmed are Kevin Spacey, Kiefer Sutherland, Jason Alexander, Heidi Klum and Oliver Stone along with bigwigs from most of the big Hollywood studios including Warner Bros., Fox, Paramount, and Sony Pictures.

The event’s being produced by the American Friends of the Citizens’ Empowerment Center in Israel, in cooperation with the Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles.
The Citizens’ Empowerment Center in Israel was founded by Israeli-American billionaire and Beverly Hills resident Izak Parviz Nazarian, and has been active in advancing democratic initiatives in Israel, including forming a task force which gave recommendations on how to finally write a constitution for Israel.

I’ve met Nazarian a few times, and he’s a very pleasant older man who cares deeply about Israel – and he puts his money where his mouth is. According to the Yediot report, Nazarian and the new Israeli consul-general in Los Angeles Yaakov Dayan have been trying to convince studio officials to send crews to Israel for filming projects.

Adam Sandler, who demonstrated his allegiance with Israel with his latest film Zohan, is being touted as a possible MC for the event, possibly in tandem with Israeli culture personality and author Yair Lapid. Sources could not confirm if hummous would be served.


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