Israel’s 60th Birthday

‘Empty, 61-Year-Old Promise of Palestinian State Is U.N.’s Greatest Failure’ by Dave
November 26, 2008, 1:44 pm
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The following from Philip Weiss (it’s worth remembering that the Universal Declairation of Human Rights also enshrines the right of return, partly due to the request from Count Folke Bernadotte, who was researching a solution to the conflict for the UN, and was a strong advocate that the Palestinians have this right, and partly in his memory as he was assasinated by the Israelis):

All you need to know about the Israel/Palestine situation (as I say often on this blog) is that in 1947, four groups were promised states in Asia: Indians, Pakistanis, Jews and Arabs in Palestine. Three of these groups got a state. One hasn’t. For 61 years the Palestinians have been disqualified on one basis or another. That’s all you need to know. It’s not fair. Today the President of the General Assembly Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann, a Catholic priest from Nicaragua, said just what I say on this point:

Today we recall that, 61 years ago this month, the General Assembly adopted the historic resolution 181, calling for the creation of a Jewish State and an Arab State. The State of Israel, founded a year later in 1948, now celebrates 60 years of its existence. Shamefully, there is still no Palestinian State to celebrate.

… As I stated in my first address to the General Assembly last September, I believe that the failure to create a Palestinian State as promised is the single greatest failure in the history of the United Nations. It has been 60 years since some 800,000 Palestinians were driven out of their homes and property, becoming refugees and an uprooted and marginalized people.

…We cannot avoid the bitter irony that next month we mark the 60th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which enshrines the right to self- determination of these very same people. We are witness to decades of the terrible conditions endured throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territory, yet the promise – the right — of the Palestinian people to a homeland remains as elusive as ever.

What’s the lobby’s answer to this: The U.N. is morally bankrupt.


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