Israel’s 60th Birthday

Israeli Election and the Gaza Massacre by Dave
December 29, 2008, 5:15 pm
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Neve Gordon explores the real objectives of Israel’s massacre in Gaza showing the talk of rockets to be merely ‘legitimising’ propaganda highlighting the more important role of the upcoming Israeli election.

The second objective has to do with Israel’s coming elections. The assault on Gaza is also being carried out to help Kadima and Labour defeat Likud and its leader Binyamin Netanyahu, who is currently ahead in the polls. It is not coincidental that Netanyahu’s two main competitors, Livni and Barak, were invited to the press conference – since, after the assault, it will be more difficult for Netanyahu to characterise them as “soft” on the Palestinians. Whether or not the devastation in Gaza will help Livni defeat Netanyahu or help Barak gain votes in the February elections is difficult to say, but the strategy of competing with a warmonger like Netanyahu by beating the drums of war says a great deal about all three major contenders.


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war just for an election !?! if I was a man from 2000 years ago and some one told me that some people kill other nations to gain vote , I just wondered and ask :”is it joke or fun?!” .
really crazy world . killing people for nothing . oh Allah …

Comment by Max

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