Israel’s 60th Birthday

Operation Molten Lead by Ann
January 2, 2009, 4:26 am
Filed under: Gaza, Israel

… describes the lead in Israel’s heads and hearts. You too, Moubarak and quisling Abbas.

Ye who are the Living Dead, Israel

Who murder and maim children in their bed

What have you in your hearts and heads?

Nothing but the name of your genocidal operation molten lead.

You will never know security nor peace that was within your grasp

Your vicious war crimes, illegal siege, zionazi occupation will come to pass

And the nightmare of a greater Israel will be ground into dust.


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After reading that poem I have to believe that you care for some children, but not all. Because you sure as heck didn’t bother to mention all the Israeli kids that have been being bombed for months…

Comment by Patrick Sperry

Thank you for your comment, Patrick. Please send to me the names of any Israeli children who have been murdered by Hamas’s token homemade rockets during this war to date.

There are none.

Yes, I oppose any children being terrorised by rockets, let’s start with the terrifying sonic booms, the starvation and siege caused by Israel and the occupation they refuse to end, as well as the democratically elected government they refused to recognise and the Gaza they never really withdrew from. The right to resist is UN-sanctioned.

All children deserve to live in peace and the ball is within Israel’s court (and greater power) to enact it.

Comment by peoplesgeography

Israel, you can’t put 
chain on the ankle
of a Palestinian,

without finding

the other end

is fastened
your neck.

Comment by Aliya? Zionists

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