Israel’s 60th Birthday

Rare truth-teller at CNN Confirms Israel Broke Ceasefire First by Ann
January 7, 2009, 3:34 pm
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Hat-tip to American Everyman


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lol i like how he quoted the Guardian as a questionable source!

Comment by loolt

You might want to read my blog post on this. This was a horrible fact checking job that was easily disproved.

Comment by mcmeador

You are sorely mistaken. The overwhelming proof, which is garnered not simply from the first result you get on a google search — please do proper research and be a bit more discerning than that — is that Israel broke the ceasefire and continues its obstruction of justice with the Palestinians and its genocide. Read Ron Paul if you don’t believe “keftists” — he’s the only, or one of the very few, honorable US Congressional members of the Repubs who are willing to speak up against Israeli sate lies and propaganda. How about reading Richard Falk, here:

“Most accounts of the temporary ceasefire indicate that it was a major Israeli use of lethal force on November 4, 2008 that brought the ceasefire to a de facto end, leading directly to increased frequency of rocket fire from Gaza. It is also relevant that Hamas repeatedly offered to extend the ceasefire, even up to ten years, provided that Israel would lift the blockade. These diplomatic possibilities were, as far as can be assessed, not explored by Israel”

For more sources, see:

PS. ome of the bigoted commenters on your post give conservatism a bad name.

Comment by Finebeer

Ok…so all you did was basically ignore the fact that 65 rockets had been fired from Gaza into Israel after the ceasefire began and before the Israeli operation on November 4th. And then you tell me I need to do better research? I put simple proof right in front of you, and you ignore it. Terrorists fired rockets into Israel, thus breaking the ceasefire. This means the ceasefire was broken long before Israel carried out its operation in Gaza on November 4th.

Comment by mcmeador

McMeador, amongst other things you wholly ignore that the understanding was that Israel’s criminal siege and economic blockade on Gaza would end; Israel didn’t fulfill its side of the bargain. This timeline breaks it down meticulously:

See also the Israelis admit they did:

Comment by peoplesgeography

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