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UN Ceasefire Call Ignored by Dave
January 9, 2009, 10:46 pm
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From Juan Cole “Israel’s immediate reaction to the ceasefire call was to intensify its bombardment of Gaza.“:

The United Nations has now called for a ceasefire in the Israeli war on Gaza, which is probably a sign that it will wind down not so long from now. Despite assurances given by outgoing US Secretary of State Condi Rice to her colleagues that the US would sign off on the resolution, in the end the US simply abstained. She appears to have been ordered into this humiliating about-face by W. when she made the mistake of phoning him before the vote. The lack of unanimity may weaken the force of the measure, but it nevertheless is a signal that Israel’s freedom of movement is now going to be increasingly constrained.  Continue…


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Israel will ignore such calls because they must save face now. This is what arrogance produces. They “came in” saying they will annihilate Hamas. If they don’t, and withdraw, it will be another humiliating blow (Hizbollah) to the Israel Terror Forces.

This killing machine (ITF) of Nazis know nothing but force. And the honorable Gazans and Hamas resistance have stood up to Israeli terrorism again. This is not sitting well with the Israelis and they think they can do something quickly to claim some sort of victory! The mere fact that Hamas is still capable of firing rockets at these thugs after all the destruction and terror the ITF inflicted, proves that the few, the proud, the Hamas with their Gazan population are the victors.

I wonder what the other thug (Hosni Mubarak) will do if a cease fire was declared and agreed to! He called on Israel to wipe-out Hamas! That piece of dirt: he should die a most humiiliating death… like maybe Gazans stomping him with their shoes, to death!


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