Israel’s 60th Birthday


The blog has a stand point that around 1948 Israel committed acts of ethnic cleansing in Palestine in order to create a Jewish State.  Therefore to celebrate this anniversary or “birthday” is to celebrate ethnic cleansing.  It can be argued that so long as one sides celebrates and dances while the other mourns at graves there will never be peace.  Its the aim of the blog therefore to try and explain why its wrong to celebrate a “60th birthday” in the hope of bridging understanding for peace.

To learn more about the Israel-Palestine conflict visit this page of resources.

* Thank you to Banksy whose art decorates the title of this blog


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your page appeared in my Google’s search alerts for “Norman Finkelstein”.I’ll add it to my bookmarks with videos from youtube about Norman Finkelstein

Comment by Sahar Alwakeel

We would love a link – currently we are working on bring 12 Palestinian women here for International Women’s Day.

Another great blog you should consider (he uses the images of Benjamin Heine and Carlos Latuff very effectively).

Comment by David Ash

Added the link to your site 🙂

Comment by Dave

why bother explaining your subjectivity when you can’t obey basic rules or grammar? what an effing croc of bull. ii doubt you’ll post this, but i wanted to write in so you understand that to be rational is to understand that one can be conflicted and still believe. thanks for making it harder on us.

Comment by the search

Like you care about my grammar you’re second point is what upsets you and I’m afraid you’ll have to explain it in a way other human beings can understand.

Conflicted about what? Whether you should be dancing on Palestinian graves or not? Might be rational to believe people can be conflicted but its immoral and counter to reconciliation to do celebrate this time (in my opinion).

It would be like a German celebrating Hitlers rise to power but feeling conflicted because he didn’t really like that he killed and dispossessed 6 million Jews. Is he right being conflicted or is he disgusting for ‘celebrating’ Hitler at all knowing what it meant for Jews?

Still believe what?

Making what harder for whom? Did I spoil your party?

Comment by Dave

Great site, many thanks.
Please find below link of a filmed conversation between Jeff Halper and Jacqueline Rose in London (29/05).

Best regards


Comment by Frank Barat

Thanks Frank! I’ve posted it t the Fanonite. 😉

Comment by Dave

Can I draw readers’ attention to this petition calling on Israeli and Palestinian authorities to give Khalid Amayereh freedom to do his work.
To: Israeli and Palestinian Authorities
Palestinian journalist Khalid Amayreh, who lives in the West Bank, has been invited to attend a media conference in Germany. As required, he set about to request all of the necessary travel documents, including a visa that needs to be granted from the German representative office in Ramallah. After routine questioning regarding his political affiliations, it was not only determined that he was not a member of any party, nor formally associated with any organisation, but it was clear that he had never been arrested or detained by Israeli authorities. Mr Amayreh was granted an entry visa to Germany. However, the Israeli military authorities have refused to give him a permit to leave the West Bank. No Palestinian can travel abroad without receiving such a permit beforehand, otherwise he or she would be turned back once arriving at the Israeli-controlled border terminal at the Allenby Bridge.

Mr Amayreh then went to his local District Coordination Office in Dura, where he was informed that his information was forwarded to the Shin Bet (General Security Services) of the Israeli government. Then two days later, the GSS informed the Palestinian office that Amayreh was “barred from leaving the West Bank for security reasons.” No further explanation was given.

His fortune in obtaining the required travel permission did not change as he applied to the Civil Administration Headquarters in Hebron, a metallic pen holding persons seeking the mandatory permission even to go to East Jerusalem for medical treatment, where it is not unusual to find them huddled and waiting their turn for ten or more hours, under the watchful eye of Israeli military watchtowers.

The Palestinian Civil Affairs Coordination Office in the West Bank was also unable to mediate on his behalf, as they too are entirely dependent upon the decisions, without clarification, evidence or justification, made by the Israeli Security division.

There is indeed no justification for the violation of this man’s civil and human rights, and along with him, the rights of all others who are denied freedom of movement with no justification whatsoever. The Occupation authorities, while they have no sovereignty over citizens of the Palestinian Authority, dictate what must be done with those citizens and the world seems to consider the violation of their rights acceptable and normal praxis. These people are not pawns on a chessboard, but are individuals who seek the basic liberties that all democracies are obligated to provide for their people. The Palestinian Authority does not exercise its duty of guaranteeing civil liberties to its own citizens, and treats them as if they shall be subject to the whims of the Occupier.

We ask for the immediate revision of the decision regarding Mr Amayreh, so that he is granted the documents necessary for him to exercise his freedom of movement allowing him to continue to provide for himself and his family in the work that he is employed in, as well as for the Palestinian Authority to assume a position that sets the freedoms of its citizens as a priority that is greater than the perceived “security” risks declared by the agency of the State of Israel.

Comment by mary

Hi : Good work. I am a freelance cartoonist who has passionately and repeatedly expressed against israel’s occupation. I would like to contribute some of my works to explore the possibility of publishing them at your site. pl. let me know ythe contact e-mail. thanks, thommy


3036 Fox Sedge Lane
Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

303 683 1102

Visit for my cartoon blog on CNN
Visit for International Political Cartoons

Comment by Thommy


This is just to say: the site is excellent, and you have a wealth of information here. I will be promoting it to some local peace groups, and those in solidarity with the Palestinians — and even those who aren’t!!

We need more sites like this, and a proliferation of information to counteract the appalling onslaught of Zionist propaganda that can be found in many prominent websites on the internet, including, but not limited to, “HonestReporting” and other such hideous sites.

What you’re doing is so far beyond a simple ‘thankyou’, but that’s what I’ll offer you for now – many, many thanks.

Best wishes,

Comment by Wasia

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