Israel’s 60th Birthday

What a Way to Mark Independence Day by Dave
May 18, 2008, 4:32 pm
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Jonathan Cook describes how a Nakba memorial procession was blocked by a small number of Zionist protestors and then attacked by armed police.

This attack was most likely planned as Israel views commemoration of the Naba as deeply subversive. In fact, Israel’s Public Security Minister Avi Dichter (who recently cancelled a trip to the UK for fear of being arrested for war crimes) warned as much in December saying “whoever speaks for 60 years about the ‘catastrophe’ [Nakba] befalling them will suffer a real catastrophe in the end.” By his poisonous tear gassing of infants we can assume he wasn’t joking. Dichter was also pressured by the World Likud Chairman, Danny Danon, to cancel the Nakba parade as Danon felt its goal was “to oppose and incite against the state.” He called for leaders of the demonstration to be arrested as well as anyone seen brandishing the flag of an enemy state or a terrorist organization.  In other words – no Palestinian flags and forget your PAlestinian history.  There’s no room in Israeli history for the Nakba (ethnic cleansing of Palestine).

It has been a week of adulation from world leaders, ostentatious displays of military prowess, and street parties. Heads of state have rubbed shoulders with celebrities to pay homage to the Jewish state on its 60th birthday, while a million Israelis reportedly headed off to the country’s forests to enjoy the national pastime: a barbecue.

But this year’s Independence Day festivities have concealed as much as they have revealed. The images of joy and celebration seen by the world have failed to acknowledge the reality of a deeply divided Israel, shared by two peoples with conflicting memories and claims to the land.
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Your Independence Is Our Nakba by Dave
May 11, 2008, 12:38 pm
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Israel turns 60. Israelis Celebrate but Palestinians demonstrate. Will the refugees be allowed to return home?

Answer to this question and more on Link TV ‘s Mosaic intelligence report presented by Jamal Dajani.

For more info, go to

Italian Fascist Salutes Israel by Dave
May 7, 2008, 1:01 pm
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Berlusconi is cosying up to Israel, from the Italy mag.

Berlusconi sends 60th birthday message

Premier-elect Silvio Berlusconi has sent a special message to Israel to mark the 60th anniversary of its declaration of independence, remarking that ”Israel’s birthday is the birthday of all of us”.

In a statement published Tuesday by the Tel Aviv daily Yediot Ahronot, Berlusconi observed that memory was ”a fundamental element of the identity of the Israeli people, who were ale to defend democracy and freedom under difficult conditions”.

Israel begins two days of celebrations celebrating its 60th anniversary on Wednesday.

In his 2001-2006 government, Berlusconi followed Washington’s lead in favoring Israel in its Mideast policy.

During this spring’s election campaign, Berlusconi said the first country he would visit if elected would be Israel, something he did not do in his previous five years in office.

Israel’s 60th Independence Day by Dave
May 5, 2008, 10:56 pm
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Yvonne Ridley on, Israel’s 60th birthday theme, children.

I wonder how many of you know that the theme under consideration for Israel’s 60th Independence Day is children?

It is hard to imagine isn’t it? It could not be more meaningless when you consider how snipers belonging to the Israeli Army target young innocents.

Of course they don’t target just any children. No, the ones targeted in the crosshair of these Zionist cowards are Palestinian children.

Just how twisted do you have to be to gun down a child?

And just how twisted do you have to be to mark the 60th anniverary in honour of children.

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Big Apple, Big Mistake – Dancing on Palestinian Graves by Dave

New York is to hold a large celebration of Israel’s 60th Birthday aka the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in Washington Square.  The square is set to be the largest graveyard dance floor – dancing while Palestinians mourn the murder and displacement of their relatives is disgusting.

Washington Square in New York has seen its fair share of the city’s most notable cultural events: Just recently this famous square was the site for a campaign rally for US presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama, as well as for a memorial service for the victims of the 9/11 terror attack.

In May, however, Washington Square will be flooded with American youths looking to celebrate, dance and party with the State of Israel as it marks its 60th anniversary.

The Israeli Consulate in New York has organized a dance party, to be held in Washington Square on May 8, in honor of Israel’s independence.

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Israel’s 60th: Israeli Crimes and Boycott by Dave

An article on Israel’s 60th Birthday by the Alternative Media Centre,

Jewish residents of Tel Aviv on 29 November 1947, following the United Nations vote in favor of partitioning Palestine into two separate states, one Jewish and one Arab.

Throughout the world, Israel is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its birth. These commemorations are based on a double omission that renders theses celebrations unacceptable from any ethical perspective. First, they avoid mentioning the terrible fact that the creation of the State of Israel was made possible and intrinsically linked to the dispossession of the indigenous Arab population and its transformation into a people of refugees. Speaking about the creation of Israel while ignoring the fate of the Arabs of Palestine is like speaking about the creation of the United States of America while ignoring the Native Americans, a historical falsification and an ethical failure. Second, this anniversary is not celebrated in a vacuum, but at a moment during which Israel is one of the states systematically violating the basic rules of international law, humanitarian law and human rights, as confirmed by the International Court of Justice. 

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Salute to Israel – From New York to London and Manchester by Dave

The celebration of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine seems to be spreading from one city to another. Its promoted as being “a historic and fun day for one and all.” Funny that – its a day where Palestinians will be mourning the Nakba (or catastrophe) . Its their holocaust commited by Israel and they’re likely to be hurt and antagonised by pro-Israeli’s dancing on their ancestors graves: hardly fun for all. Peace will not be reached until theres an understanding and atonement for the crimes of the past.

Is there a protest organised for this event? Please let me know.

The march on the 29th June 2008 now has its own website here. For a previous bit on this see here.

The Story of the Parade

The Salute to Israel Parade is no stranger to New York, but this year, for the first time, it is coming to London and Manchester! This special one-off event will celebrate 60 years of the State of Israel and will be one of the largest gatherings in the world in support of the country.

The Salute to Israel Parade will be a public celebration of the 60th Anniversary and will demonstrate affirmation of solidarity with and support of Israel, as well as an expression of unity within the British Jewish community, transcending religious and political affiliations. The Parade itself will feature a procession featuring floats, marchers and bands performing, representing all parts of the British Jewish community.

This will be a historic and fun day for one and all, so do not miss out on this historic event.

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