Israel’s 60th Birthday

Israel at 60 PR Campaign in the USA by Ann
July 1, 2008, 6:31 am
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Nonstop … humiliation and ethnic cleansing. Green … like land-coveting illegal settlers and uprooted Palestinian olive trees. Free …  to act with impunity, ignoring human rights and international law as long as US zio-neocons keep US taxpayer money coming and keep blocking international condemnation for our atrocious acts.

Below: hasbara advertisement in the New York Times.


Hollywood’s Finest Celebrate Israel@60 in Time Square by Dave

Hollywood’s finest morons line up to celebrate the rape, massacre and transfer that constituted the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and birth of Israel 60 years ago.

YNET:  The 60th anniversary celebrations also reached the Big Apple on Friday, as the four giant screens in Times Square broadcasted blessings from Hollywood’s best for Israel’s 60th. Tom Cruise, Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Brooke Shields, Kirk and Michael Douglas, and Donald Trump were among the celebrities waving banners wishing Israel a happy Independence Day.

The square’s top screen wished Israel a happy holiday, and the three other screens showed the 30-second celebrity clips, which could be seen for blocks. The project was organized by the Israeli Consulate in New York with help from Steven Spielberg’s sister, Nancy Katz, and is expected to be broadcast for one month. Consul-General Asaf Shariv said that the celebrity cooperation helps the consulate to tell Israel’s story better.

Another project currently headed by the consulate includes the famous Fifth Avenue, which was chosen as the site on which to display pictures of successful Israelis who have made aliyah. Among the faces displayed are Derrick Sharp, a Florida born basketball star who arrived in Israel in 1993, and is currently captain of Maccabi Tel Aviv, and Sasha Grishkov, a Soviet Union born singer. Other participants in the project include Cabra Kasai, a singer who came to Israel from Ethiopia, Mirit Greenberg, Israeli beauty queen of 1997, and Israeli Arab Diplomat Rania Jubran.

Israeli Consul General Upset Over Nakba by Dave
May 28, 2008, 3:31 pm
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The Israeli consul general to Canada is upset about the Nakba.  Not about it actually happening, theres nothing wrong with the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, but why the hell do Canadians have to keep talking about it?  Israel’s birthday is a time for celebration – they need the skeletons firmly in the closet!  Ethnic cleansing is not an image he wants associated with ‘brand Israel’ ™: they’ve spent a lot of time and money on birthday PR, they doesn’t want it disrupted.  Shame on you liberal media!

MONTREAL — Israel’s 60th anniversary year provides renewed opportunity for Jews the world over – including in Quebec – to reaffirm their strong attachment to the Jewish state.

Yet despite such ongoing commitment from Jews, Israel continues to face wary and unfriendly attitudes in the media and on campuses, said Israel’s consul general to Montreal and eastern Canada.

Yoram Elron, LEFT, – who succeeded Marc Attali last August – said in an interview that he was “very moved and extremely excited” by the recent 60th anniversary rally organized by a coalition of Jewish organizations that drew thousands to the heart of downtown Montreal for a mass and massive expression of love and solidarity.

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Gordon Brown in bed with Israel by Dave
May 21, 2008, 5:07 pm
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Gordon Brown seems to have been a little sheepish about celebrating the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Deciding only at the last minute to attend the party.  I think he needs a party to take his mind of flushing as his premiership disappears down the pan – not sure why he chose this one though…

Britain’s prime minister made a surprise visit to the Israel’s Independence Day reception at the Israeli embassy in London.

Gordon Brown was the first British prime minister to attend the reception since Tony Blair in 1998, when Israel celebrated its 50th anniversary. Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor told JTA he didn’t know until the last minute whether Brown would attend the 60th birthday event.

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Nakba Day 2008 by Dave
May 20, 2008, 7:32 pm
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Stolen from the lovely Ann of Peoples Geography – sorry!

Palestinians mark the 60th anniversary of the Nakba with, among other things, large symbolic keys and black balloons over Al Quds-Jerusalem.

This video clip comes from our good friends over at the great Italian Guerrilla Radio site (4.36)

The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation also has this striking poster and terrific advertisement (click on thumbnail for larger image).

The Campaign will be placing more than 1,000 of these posters on the streets of Manhattan, educating New Yorkers about the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948 and the right of return for Palestinian refugees.

Bush Tour Diminished by Hezbollah Show of Force by Dave
May 15, 2008, 5:28 pm
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While this week’s trip by President George W. Bush to Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt was never conceived as a triumphant “victory lap” around the region, the swift rout of U.S.-backed forces by Lebanon’s Hezbollah Friday has provided yet another vivid illustration of the rapid decline in Washington’s influence in the Middle East during his tenure.

The events in Lebanon will no doubt cast a long shadow over Bush’s tour, which begins Tuesday. After all, it was only three years ago that he hailed the “Cedar Revolution” there as vindication of the kind of democratic transformation of the region that he insisted the invasion of Iraq was designed to launch.

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Pro-Palestinian Rally Through London by Dave
May 13, 2008, 1:44 pm
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Witness Statement from speaker at demonstration

The following from the UK Palestine Solidarity Campaign for more see Peoples Geography.

15000 people demonstrate in London on 10 May 2008London protest calls for Free Palestine

Thousands marched through London, sixty years after the Palestinian Nakba, to demand an end to the siege on Gaza, an end to Israeli occupation, and for the right of return of refugees.

The demonstration, organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, British Muslim Initiative and the Palestinian Forum in Britain, was supported by trade unions UNISON, Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), Unite the Union, Communication Workers Union, GMB, TSSA, RMT, Fire Brigades Union, and the National Union of Miners, who joined organisations such as the Association of Palestinian Community UK, Amos Trust, Friends of Al Aqsa UK, Palestinian Return Centre, War on Want, Jewish Socialist Group, Pax Christi, Stop the War Coalition, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Britain Palestine Twinning Network, ICAHDUK, Friends of Lebanon, Federation of Student Islamic Societies, and Midlands Palestinian Community Association.

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