Israel’s 60th Birthday

Google, Facebook and Murdoch to Celebrate Israel’s 60th by Dave

New media and old are combining to celebrate 60 years since the nakba (the catastrophe). Its also worth noting the new ‘peace’ envoy to the middle east – Tony Bliar – will be joining them.

Wryly amusing that he’s supposed to be bringing peace to the region yet can see no problem with celebrating the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

Read Peres’s guest list below (from Ynet News)

AP: President Shimon Peres said Wednesday that the festivities marking Israel’s 60th birthday and including top personalities from around the world will open with a tribute to Israel’s staunchest ally, the United States.“After 60 years we want to stand up and say ‘thank you America,'” Peres said in an interview with the Associated Press.

The May 13-15 conference will be attended by President George W. Bush and Barbra Streisand singing the Jewish prayer Avinu Malkeinu (Our Father Our King), which Peres described as “unbelievably beautiful.”

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Angela Merkel addresses the Knesset by Dave

The following analysis on Chancellor Merkel’s speech to the Knesset is from the Electronic Intifada.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s historic speech to the Israeli Knesset on 18 March 2008 has been almost universally applauded, and has been described by Charlotte Knobloch, President of the Central Council of German Jews, as having “opened a new chapter in the relationship between Israel and Germany.”

Given the huge influence of Germany within the European Union, it is imperative to subject Merkel’s speech to a close reading and to question the assumptions implicit both in the speech itself and in the German media response to it.

Having expressed Germans’ “shame” for the Holocaust, she goes on to point out that “while we are speaking here, thousands of people are living in fear and terror of Hamas’s rocket-attacks and terrorism.” Her clumsy choice of words seems to emphasize the failure to mention the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who are living in daily fear and terror of Israeli incursions, home demolitions, assassinations, air-strikes, arbitrary arrest, imprisonment and torture.

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Bush: I’ll come celebrate Israel’s 60th birthday if… by Dave

American Government putting pressure on Israel with threats of a birthday boycott?

JN: US President George W. Bush would very much like to be in Israel to commemorate the reborn Jewish state’s 60th Anniversary this May.

There’s just one small proviso: Israel must make some serious progress in implementing its commitments to the Palestinian Arabs under the ‘Road Map’ before the American leader will agree to come.

This incidence of political blackmail was revealed Monday in a report posted on the Jerusalem-based website Israel Today.

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Salute to Israel – From New York to London and Manchester by Dave

The celebration of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine seems to be spreading from one city to another. Its promoted as being “a historic and fun day for one and all.” Funny that – its a day where Palestinians will be mourning the Nakba (or catastrophe) . Its their holocaust commited by Israel and they’re likely to be hurt and antagonised by pro-Israeli’s dancing on their ancestors graves: hardly fun for all. Peace will not be reached until theres an understanding and atonement for the crimes of the past.

Is there a protest organised for this event? Please let me know.

The march on the 29th June 2008 now has its own website here. For a previous bit on this see here.

The Story of the Parade

The Salute to Israel Parade is no stranger to New York, but this year, for the first time, it is coming to London and Manchester! This special one-off event will celebrate 60 years of the State of Israel and will be one of the largest gatherings in the world in support of the country.

The Salute to Israel Parade will be a public celebration of the 60th Anniversary and will demonstrate affirmation of solidarity with and support of Israel, as well as an expression of unity within the British Jewish community, transcending religious and political affiliations. The Parade itself will feature a procession featuring floats, marchers and bands performing, representing all parts of the British Jewish community.

This will be a historic and fun day for one and all, so do not miss out on this historic event.

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Zionists to target UK Schools for Israel’s 60th Anniversary by Dave

Looks like the Zionist Federation is targeting UK schools with its birthday celebration propaganda.  Will British schools help them celebrate the ethnic cleansing in Palestine?

While I think its good children should learn about science its wrong that it should be used as a trick in a political campaign to make them think positively of the worlds leading criminal state.

Concern over lack of funds for Israel 60th
By Dana Gloger
LONDON’S Israeli embassy will not receive any extra funding from the Foreign Ministry to mark the state’s 60th-anniversary celebrations after the Israeli government said it will not be allocating additional money to any of its outposts across the world.

This has left the embassy in London, as well as others worldwide, having to dip into their own budgets if they wish to mark 60 years since independence.

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Merkel’s historic Israel visit by Dave

“The visit does not have a high political agenda. It is more of a symbolic visit.”

To have no real political agenda in a time of great crisis for the Palestinians is to be complicit in Israel’s war crimes and refusal to negotiate peace.

Shame on Merkel travelling to Israel to celebrate 60 years since the beginning of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

A rather more interesting trip took place recently involving German intellectuals. See Israel’s creation made Palestinians victims of the Holocaust and No more preferential treatment for Israel.

    The Local: German Chancellor Angela Merkel travels to Israel on Sunday for a visit of major historical significance more than 60 years after the end of World War II, writes AFP’s Simon Sturdee.

    Merkel will be the first German chancellor to address the Knesset when she gives a speech at the Israeli parliament on Tuesday, an honour reserved normally for heads of state.
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    Australians Protest – Not In Our Name! by Dave

    Australians voicing opposition to the PM’s motion put before Parliament to recoginse and congratulate Israel on its 60th birthday placed this advert in a national paper The Australian.

    Not in Our Name

    We, as informed and concerned Australians, choose to disassociate ourselves from a celebration of the triumph of racism and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians since the al-Nakba (Catastrophe) of 1948. As we write, Israel continues to expand illegal Jewish-only settlements in the West Bank including Arab East Jerusalem.

    Australia and Australians should not give the Israeli people and its leaders the impression that Australia supports them in their dispossession of the Palestinian people. Israel has poisoned our (the West’s) relations with the whole of the Arab and Muslim world. Rather than celebrating the creation of the State of Israel, we should be recognising the people of Palestine, those who were dispossessed, those who lived and died as refugees, those who continue to live and die and suffer at the hands of the State of Israel, and those who will continue to suffer and die in the future until justice is done.



    Big thanks to Ann for sending me this!