Israel’s 60th Birthday

Spin body gets media on message, says Israel by Dave
January 4, 2009, 4:49 pm
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The following from The Guardian:

Israeli officials have also enjoyed a clear edge with coverage. An Israeli foreign ministry assessment of eight hours of coverage across international broadcast media reported that Israeli representatives got 58 minutes of airtime while the Palestinians got only 19 minutes. Speaking for the Israeli military, Major Avital Leibovich said: “Quite a few outlets are very favourable to Israel, namely by showing [it] suffering … I am sure it is a result of the new co-ordination.”

“New media is a new war zone within the media – we are planning to be relevant there”


Ignorance is Bliss for Israel by Dave
March 31, 2008, 8:35 am
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It would seem no-one in the UK knows very much about Israel (lucky them) and by extension the Middle East. Although the article in the Jewish Chronicle suggests this is a bad thing its actually only bad for Palestine justice activists.

You see justice activists rely on educating people about Israel-Palestine – which takes time. Israel relies on propaganda which works very quickly and can just ‘give positive feelings’ towards the country. Therefore having a nation of blank slates is perfect for them. They also know these blank slates are likely to be passive in the face of their on-going crimes – so long as they can continue to shape the media perception as them ‘retaliating’ to ‘terrorists’.  As they said in their PR conference following the Lebanon 2006 War – “you need to shoot a picture before you shoot them” (Dr Ra’anan Gissin).

If only it were all true. Londoners — well, some Londoners, anyway — believe that “Israelians”, part of a whopping population of 450 million, are getting ready to celebrate their 2,000th anniversary in their capital city. Which is, of course, Iran… or possibly Afghanistan.

Some enterprising researchers from Bicom, the pro-Israel advocacy group, took a video camera out into the streets of London to discover what people did or did not know about Israel. The results, which will be posted on YouTube, were collated to highlight Bicom’s first Israel advocacy training conference, which is being held on April 6 on the JFS school’s campus in Kenton, North-West London.

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UK PR Offensive: Israeli Ambassador Targets British Media by Dave

A little background on the new UK ambassador Ron Prosor who is using the 60th Birthday to promote a more positive image of Israel. Strange topic to choose for PR considering it raises the issue of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

Haaretz: Israeli PR efforts in Britain have kicked up a notch since Prosor became ambassador two months ago. As a former Foreign Ministry director general, he is focusing on speeches to new kinds of audiences, frequent television appearances and press interviews.

“I’m not afraid to appear anywhere, and there is no platform – suitable of course – that I will not utilize for PR work,” Prosor says.

Among other venues, he delivered a speech at St. Antony’s College, Oxford, the day after that institution invited Holocaust denier David Irving to speak.

Prosor says he wants to influence British public opinion, which he says is more extreme than the political establishment in its criticism of Israel, and hugely influential.

“If something remains of the British Empire’s power in the world, it is the British media’s impact,” he says.
“So I will go to universities, to trade unions, to relevant conferences. So long as somebody gives me a platform – I will come.”

more from the Jerusalem Post

Israel’s new ambassador to London is spearheading a new campaign to make Israel’s case more succinctly in the country’s media and has vowed to work more closely with the UK’s Jewish communities to do so.

As part of a bold new strategy, Ambassador Ron Prosor, who arrived in the UK in November, wants to focus on media perceptions of Israel.

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Zionists to target UK Schools for Israel’s 60th Anniversary by Dave

Looks like the Zionist Federation is targeting UK schools with its birthday celebration propaganda.  Will British schools help them celebrate the ethnic cleansing in Palestine?

While I think its good children should learn about science its wrong that it should be used as a trick in a political campaign to make them think positively of the worlds leading criminal state.

Concern over lack of funds for Israel 60th
By Dana Gloger
LONDON’S Israeli embassy will not receive any extra funding from the Foreign Ministry to mark the state’s 60th-anniversary celebrations after the Israeli government said it will not be allocating additional money to any of its outposts across the world.

This has left the embassy in London, as well as others worldwide, having to dip into their own budgets if they wish to mark 60 years since independence.

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Robert Fisk: Bloody reality bears no relation to the delusions of this President by Dave
January 16, 2008, 2:40 pm
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As a bomb explodes in Beirut and Israel kills 19 in Gaza raids, Bush takes his Middle East peace mission to Saudi Arabia (and signs off $20bn weapons deal with repressive regime)

Published: 16 January 2008

Twixt silken sheets – in a bedroom whose walls are also covered in silk – and in the very palace of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, President George Bush awakes this morning to confront a Middle East which bears no relation to the policies of his administration nor the warning which he has been relaying constantly to the kings and emirs and oligarchs of the Gulf: that Iran rather than Israel is their enemy.

The President sat chummily beside the all-too-friendly monarch yesterday, enthroned in what looked suspiciously like the kind of casual blue cardigan he might wear on his own Texan ranch; he had even received a jangling gold ” Order of Merit” – it looked a bit like the Lord Chancellor’s chain, though it was not disclosed which particular merit earned Mr Bush this kingly reward. Could it be the hypocritical merit of supplying yet more billions worth of weapons to the Kingdom, to be used against the Saudi regime’s imaginary enemies. Continue reading

Will Manchester United Celebrate Israel at 60? by Dave

The Israeli government has invited Manchester United to play a match during the state’s 60th anniversary celebrations.

United manager Alex Ferguson was asked to take his team to Israel later this year during a meeting Thursday at Old Trafford with Israel’s ambassador to Britain, Ron Prosor.”

I formally invited Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United to visit Israel during the 60th anniversary,” Prosor told The Associated Press. “I did not get a formal answer, but it seems very positive and I think we will try on both sides to get it to happen.”

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No Reason for Zionists to Celebrate on Israel’s 60th Birthday by Dave

If Israel was a 60-year old man having a birthday party, he wouldn’t be surrounded by an adoring family and neighbours, looking back with pride to a lifetime of honourable achievement. He would be a Mafioso, rich from crime and honoured by a few faded celebrities and politicians, feared and despised by the great majority of those with any direct experience of him.

At 60, Israel’s popularity amongst the general public is at an all-time low across the world. A survey in November 2006 concluded that “Israel is the Worst Brand in the World”; Global Research reported findings across 35 countries “that Israel is suffering from the worst public image among all countries of the world.” This was no mere blip: all recent surveys of popular opinion show that opposition to Israeli apartheid and terrorism is majority opinion. Well over half of all Europeans think Israel poses the “biggest threat to world peace,” according to a poll commissioned in October
2003 across Europe by the European Commission.

In the US, the Israeli Government has recognised its pariah status among the thinkingIsrael's Porno PR and humane sections of that population, and has launched a campaign to boost Israel among what it considers to be a more amenable demographic – American soft porn buyers. Leading Zionists have suggested a wave of European anti-Semitism is responsible, but the reasons for the widespread perception of Israel as a threat to peace, supported even by a poll commissioned by the pro-Israel Daily Telegraph, are not hard to find: mass killings, air attacks on the imprisoned population of Gaza, invasion of neighbours, and an atrocious apartheid system which denies fundamental economic, social and political rights to all non-Jews.

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