Israel’s 60th Birthday

Iran’s Jews won’t mark Yom Ha’atzmaut by Dave
May 8, 2008, 2:00 pm
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From the JP:

The Iranian Jewish community will not mark Israel’s 60th Independence Day, incoming Iranian Jewish parliamentarian Siamak Morsadegh said Wednesday.

Speaking to Reuters, Morsadegh said this was in protest of Israel’s responsibility for the “murder of totally innocent Palestinian civilians.”

“We are in complete disagreement with Israel’s conduct,” he said. “We are Iranians. We have no relations with Israel.”

The Iranian Jewish leader told Reuters that Israel’s policies toward Palestinians, particularly Gazans, demonstrated “anti-human behavior … they kill innocent people.”

Morsadegh went on to claim that Jews in Iran enjoyed freedom of religion and other rights. “There are no specific problems for Jews in this country,” he said.